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7 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated!
Apr 25, 2022

Got something you want to achieve but the motivation is flagging? In our last blog post, we looked at how understanding your “why” is essential in your motivation. But if that’s not enough, then don’t worry. We’re sharing seven more ways to keep motivated.


1. Get An Accountability Buddy

We are far more likely to achieve a goal if we share it with someone else. This is often because we don’t want to let them down or have the embarrassment of saying we haven’t made any progress. You can either find someone who is trying to achieve a similar goal, or simply share it with someone who will check in with you and keep you on track.


2. Practise Positivity

If there’s one thing that’s going to hold us back, it’s negative thoughts. For example, how often have you told yourself that you can’t do something, or it was silly to even try? While stopping these thoughts can take time, you can start by changing them to a positive one each time they come up. If your inner voice says, “You don’t deserve to achieve this goal,” tell yourself, “I deserve this goal.” If you can add a reason onto the end of that, even better.


3. Give Yourself Deadlines

Ever wondered how you’re going to get all your work done before going on holiday? And yet, you always manage to do it. This is because many people are motivated when there’s a hard deadline in place. Rather than getting hung up on details or procrastinating, you get things done. Set yourself deadlines to achieve things and see if this works for you.


4. Set Up Rewards

Remember, this is an extrinsic motivation method and therefore, will only work in the short term. However, if you feel like you’re wading through mud at the moment and aren’t sure you can continue, set up rewards for each step you take.


5. Reduce Distractions

There are a million distractions in today’s world and while we can’t avoid some of them, we can remove many of them. It can be hard to motivate yourself to complete a task when your phone is lighting up, enticing you with notifications. Get rid of as many distractions as you can, so you can give your goal and task your full attention.


6. Add Fun To The Mix

When we talked about intrinsic motivation in this month’s newsletter, we discussed the importance of enjoying your goal. If something is fun, you barely need to think about motivation. However, that doesn’t mean every step towards your goal is joyful. But, you can think of ways to add an element of fun. For example, if you’ve got a boring job to do on the laptop, you could play your favourite music or light candles – whatever brings you joy!


7. Pace Yourself

Most importantly, pace yourself. Many people go hard, straight out of the gates. They put their full effort and focus into achieving their goal as quickly as possible. However, burn out soon follows. Set mini goals along the way to try and pace yourself so you can keep going all the way – think tortoise rather than hare!

And remember, if you need support in getting motivated or want accountability, then I’m here to help. Just drop me a message to find out more about what I offer.


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