7 Ways To Create More Balance In Your Life This Christmas!
Nov 14, 2022

Christmas can be a hectic time for families. The build-up to the day can be huge and on top of this, there are usually all kinds of extra activities to navigate for the children, such as Christmas Jumper Day and nativity plays. Whether you’re someone who enjoys the hustle and bustle or dreads it, it can be a time of year in which we would like to create more balance in our lives. In our newsletter, we looked at what that balance could look like. Today, we’re sharing seven ways in which you can create more balance in the lead up to Christmas.


1. Say No

For many mums and mumpreneurs it can be hard to say no, especially to clients or family (this includes the children!). However, agreeing to everything is a fast track to overwhelm. Instead, ask yourself what’s most important to you and your family. Before saying “yes”, consider whether it’s entirely necessary and will make an important difference to the lives of you and your family. If not, perhaps “no” is the best response!


2. Set Clear Expectations

There are two sets of expectations we need to consider here. The ones you set yourself and those that come from others. Both have the potential to be unrealistic. Setting clear and reasonable expectations about the festive season can remove much of the pressure you may feel and reduce your to-do list.


3. Schedule Rest

We function best when we properly rest. That means we perform tasks better and faster when we’re not exhausted! While becoming a mother can seriously disrupt your sleep, it’s crucial you try to get as much sleep as possible and allow yourself time to rest. We highly encourage scheduling rest breaks where you can sit down, relax, and reset. You might think “if only I had the time”, but rest results in enhanced performance which SAVES you time.


4. Turn It Off / Disconnect

While the online space has created huge opportunities, especially for mums setting up a business, it also comes with negatives. When our phones and laptops are on, we’re giving ourselves the message that we need to be “on” too. Disconnecting and switching off devices (or at least the notifications) can quickly reduce stress levels and provide us with more time.


5. Look After Mind And Body

Just like rest, looking after your mind and body allows you to maximise your time by ensuring you perform at your best. It also improves your overall wellbeing, so you are less likely to fall ill or suffer with stress or anxiety. Again, many mums and mumpreneurs feel like there isn’t time for this. Maybe switch time you would usually spend on devices with time spent looking after you. You might be surprised at how much more balance this introduces to your life.


6. Include Fun!

Don’t forget to have fun, too. If you’re always trying to get through a to-do list that doesn’t bring you joy, then it won’t be long before your motivation dips and you struggle to keep up. Making time to have fun (whatever that looks like for you) will ensure you achieve a better balance mentally as well as supporting you in getting ready for Christmas. We’re also firm believers that Christmas should include plenty of fun!


7. Be Prepared

Finally, preparation and organisation are essential for creating a better balance. If you’re someone who thrives under a time pressure, then we’re all for you creating that in the lead up to Christmas. But that doesn’t negate the need for good preparation. In fact, it makes it even more crucial.

We’ll be covering this in more detail in our next blog post with our top planning tips for a more balanced Christmas. For now, share in the comments what you intend to do to create more balance. Alternatively, if you need additional support with this, get in touch to discover how we can help.


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