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7 Quick Tips For Wellbeing!
May 23, 2022

When someone talks about you looking after your wellbeing, it can seem like a huge concept. If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, it may feel like an impossible task. But sometimes, it’s the small things that can make the difference. So, we’re sharing seven of our favourite quick tips for wellbeing. Pick one and give it a go!


1. Get In Nature

We talk a lot about getting amongst nature but that’s because it’s effective. There are many different takes on this. For example, forest bathing where you just sit amongst trees is growing in popularity. But equally, you might head out with your child for a bike ride or walk.


2. Connect With Others

There’s a reason the pandemic has taken a toll on our wellbeing. For much of it, we were cut off from other people. Human connection is one of our fundamental needs, and without it we can feel disconnected, and our wellbeing suffers. Whether it’s just a quick chat on the school run, or meeting up for coffee, spending time with others is a fantastic way to boost your wellbeing.


3. Reduce Sugar

When we’re struggling or need a bit of a pickup, we can often find ourselves reaching for the quick, easy, and sugary snacks. While we experience an initial boost in energy, it’s not long before those levels crash, and we can end up feeling worse. If your wellbeing is suffering, try and give sugar a miss, even if it’s only for a short spell. You might be surprised by the difference in how you feel.


4. Get Creative

Creativity can often get squeezed out of our lives, especially in our current world which values other skills more highly. However, creativity is crucial to our wellbeing, even if you don’t see yourself as creative. This could just be colouring something in, an art project with your child, putting pen to paper, or even dancing around your kitchen.


5. Random Act Of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Day was back in February. However, we don’t think this should be a once-a-year deal. Random acts of kindness not only make others feel good, but they also boost your wellbeing too. It could be as simple as smiling at someone, buying a stranger a coffee, or writing a letter to a friend to tell them how much you appreciate them.


6. Listen To Music

Choose your music wisely! Music can often affect our mood. Remember when you were heartbroken and sobbed to all the sad ballads? Music can do the opposite too. Think about how you would like to feel and play songs that reflect that mood. You can do this at almost any time such as when you’re sat quietly, while you’re working, or when you’re cooking dinner.


7. Drink Your Coffee Outside

Too often, we’re couped up indoors, working. When we think of getting outdoors, we often focus on a day out somewhere or summer evenings in the garden. It is often dependent on weather. However, simply drinking your morning coffee outside (whatever the weather) can make a difference. It not only gives a boost to your vitamin D levels, but it also supports your natural circadian rhythm, giving a clear signal to your body that this is now daytime. This can improve your sleep, body functions and mood.

There you have it – seven quick tips for wellbeing. Remember, don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do all of them straight away. Pick one and give it a go. Let us know below which one you’ll be choosing.


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