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5 Ways To Prepare For Success!
Jun 13, 2022

If you want to achieve success, you need clarity and preparation. As we discussed in the newsletter, success is something you get to define. But there are a few things you need to do before you can make this happen, whatever area of life you focus on. As busy mums and mumpreneurs, we tend to put aside the things we want. Consequently, we end up unprepared and lacking clarity. To change this, here are five ways to prepare for success.


1. Clearly Communicate What You Want

One of the most important factors is to get clear on your idea of success. It is only once you’ve done this that you can clearly communicate it with yourself and others. So many mums and mumpreneurs think they know what they want, and yet when they try to explain it to someone else, it turns out to be quite vague and difficult to communicate. If you’re not clear about the success you want, it’ll be much harder to achieve. Take the time to get your vision clear.


2. Identify The Gaps

Of course, there’s a gap between where you are now and your idea of success. When you know what that gap is, you can then move forward to close it. For example, if you’re a mumpreneur you might need to develop a new skill or develop your knowledge to reach your next goal. As a mum, you might know what you want for your family, but you need your partner’s support before it can happen. Once you’ve identified the gaps, you can put plans into place to tackle them.


3. Develop A Mindset For Success

We’ve written plenty on the importance of mindset, from it allowing you to see opportunities and solutions, to ensuring you have the confidence to do things outside of your comfort zone. Motherhood, business, and life all come with challenges. How well you navigate these comes down to your mindset. A mindset for success will ensure you don’t give up and seek solutions, whatever might come your way.


4. Seek Support

Mums and mumpreneurs are often the worse for accepting help or seeking support! We’re often given the message that we should be able to manage everything ourselves. When someone offers support, we’ll often reject it, thinking accepting would make us look incapable. But this is just not true. No one can ever truly achieve success without support from others. This means not only accepting help when it’s offered but speaking up and asking for it when needed. Consider the support you need and make sure you put it in place.


5. Discover Your Motivation

While developing the right mindset is crucial if you want to deal with challenges that come your way, it can still feel like a battle sometimes. But understanding what motivates you can really help. You can reveal this by asking yourself the reasons you want to achieve your goals. If you’ve set your own definition of success, ask yourself why it’s so important to you. When you know what motivates you, you can remind yourself of this every time the going gets tough.

Success is possible. But if you’re sitting there reading this, feeling a million miles away from where you want to be, or thinking you could do with some support on gaining clarity, get in touch to discover more about how I can help.


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