5 Ways To Overcome Overwhelm!
Jul 25, 2022

Are you tired all the time? Fed up of being inefficient? Or perhaps you're feeling emotional? In our last blog post, we discussed how these can all be signs you’re overwhelmed. Overwhelm can lead to health problems, both physical and mental. But if you’ve recognised the signs, what can you do to overcome it and restore some balance in your life? We’re sharing our five favourite tips for mums and mumpreneurs.


1. Learn To Say “No”

Mums and mumpreneurs are not known for their ability to say “no”! Too often, we want to be helpful. We take on unwanted tasks because we think we should, or because someone else expects us to do so. Helping at your child’s school is a classic example, whether it’s volunteering on a school trip, assisting with the Christmas play, or baking cakes for the latest charity fundraiser.

However, every time you agree to do something, you are adding to your responsibilities, and this can lead to overwhelm. Learning to say “no” and not over-committing yourself can reduce your load and give you the space you need to breathe and recover.


2. Put Boundaries In Place

This one, in some ways, relates to saying no to things others ask you to do. Today, more than ever, people push boundaries. This is especially the case with work, particularly if you’re a mumpreneur. The separation between home and work has become eroded and sometimes we can feel that we need to respond immediately to emails and messages.

Our families too can disregard boundaries, especially if they’ve got used to disregarding them. How often have you changed your plans last minute because someone else in the family wanted something?

Set your boundaries and keep them firm! This will help you manage your time and avoid overwhelm.


3. Ask For Help

For some reason, many mums and mumpreneurs feel like they’ve failed in someway if they ask for help. But let’s be clear, no one can succeed on their own. Asking for help is a strength and it might surprise you to see just how many people around you are not only pleased to help but also glad you asked. If you’re wondering how other mums and mumpreneurs do it without getting overwhelmed, it’s because they seek help.


4. Learn What’s “Good Enough”

Perfectionists are particularly at risk of suffering with overwhelm. Each task takes them longer as they seek to complete it to their very best ability. However, learning what’s good enough is a powerful skill. Getting the balance right means more gets done, everyone is still happy, and you avoid getting overwhelmed.


5. Consume Less Information

The amount of information we’re exposed to everyday far exceeds what our brains can cope with. Not only is there way more information available at our fingertips, but it also surrounds us 24/7. This is probably one of the biggest causes of overwhelm today. Before we even do anything, we’ve exhausted our minds with information. Cutting down on the amount you are consuming is a quick and easy way to rebalance yourself. For example, set certain times of the day where you’ll look at your emails, put a time limit on your social media scrolling (or cut it out completely), and if you want to know the news, look at it just once a day.



If you recognise that you’re overwhelmed but are struggling to reduce it, get in touch to discover more about how I can support you to find a new balance.


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