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5 Ways To Improve Your Self-Worth
Jun 22, 2020

Improve your self-worth, and you will improve your life. However much we think these are two entirely separate things, they are intimately entwined. In our last blog post, we looked at how your past might be lowering your self-value and what you could do about it. In this blog post, we’re sharing 5 things that you can start doing now that will build that self-worth so you can have the life that you desire.

1. Get Clear On Your Values

I've spoken to many mums and mumpreneurs over the years, who've placed their value within outside factors. For example, how pleased their boss was with the work they did or how their child’s achievements compared to others of the same age. But your self-value comes from within.

One way in which you can begin to redefine your self-worth is to get clear on the values that you hold most dear. Then, you can judge your worth by how aligned you are with them. If you use them as a guide in the choices and decisions that you make, you will have confidence in just awesome you are.

2. Develop A Skill

Learning something new or deepening your understanding of something can really give you a boost. If you run your own business, it might be that you choose something that will help you with this. However, you could equally choose a random skill that piques your interest.

In developing your knowledge, you will have evidence of just how capable you have which will increase your self-value.

3. Help A Stranger

As mums or mumpreneurs, you will undoubtedly be used to helping others, mainly your children and family. We might not like to admit it, but there is something of an obligation within this. However, it is relatively easy to offer some form of help to a stranger regularly.

It could be helping someone put their shopping into their car boot, buying the person behind you in the queue a cup of coffee, or sharing some advice with someone who needs it. Whatever you choose, there’s something magical about helping a stranger. Most people will feel instantly happier and will be able to recognise their own self-worth.

4. Set Your Boundaries

If there’s one thing that can leave us feeling worthless, it’s when others take advantage. The best way to avoid that is to know what your boundaries are and to enforce them. If you don't know what they are, then other people won't either, and they'll have no idea that they're making you feel bad.

Decide what is and isn’t acceptable and make sure you say “no” when someone’s overstepping that line. It's a clear way of communicating your value – others will respect you for it, and your subconscious will recognise your own worth.

5. Decide What Matters To YOU

There are all kinds of expectations placed on us from friends, family, associates and society. Inevitably, we can't reach all of these for everyone. Instead, focus on deciding what matters to you. What takes top priority and what makes the real difference from your perspective?

Focus on living up to just these and stop worrying about everyone else. When you live aligned with your own worldview, your self-worth will rise.

Which one of these five suggestions are you going to start implementing today? Let me know in the comments and if you would like some personalised help with building your self-worth, drop me a message – I’m here to help.

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