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5 Ways To Get Yourself Aligned!
Sep 27, 2021

January might seem like a lifetime ago, but it was likely that, back then, you set some goals that you wanted to achieve this year. But we never really know what’s going to come our way. Depending on what’s happened, you may find that you’re well on track to achieve your goals or realise that you’ve been blown completely off course by other things that have happened. But with children back to school, this can be a good time to realign yourself with what you want for this year. Here are our five tips for doing that.


1. Look back at your goals and re-assess

This can be a good time to look back and re-assess the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Ask yourself if these things are what you still want. If they are, then look at the progress you’ve made throughout the year. This can reveal lessons about what does and does not work for you and give you a sense of what is realistic. If you’ve gone off track recently, then this is an opportunity to decide what the next steps are that can get you back on track.


2. Things change – what’s the goal now?

However, you might find that goals you set at the beginning of the year, no longer resonate with you. It’s perfectly acceptable to decide that your priorities have changed and that you have new things that you want to achieve. If that’s the case, then consider what’s important to you now and set yourself new goals to strive for in the last few months of the year. Remember to keep them realistic and achievable. Breaking it down into the smaller steps you would need to achieve can help with this.


3. Short term priorities, long term goals

You might find that the goals you set at the beginning of the year are still what you want, but that you’re going to need longer to achieve them. If this is you, then you can realign yourself by setting short term priorities as well as the long-term goals. This is particularly useful for when life inevitably gets in the way. For example, many of us this year will have been dealing with unwell relatives or children isolating. Giving yourself a short-term priority while keeping an eye on the long-term goal can ease the pressure. It allows you to press the pause button to do what’s needed in the here and now without you feeling like you’re pressing stop and ejecting the tape!


4. Choose a word to focus you

It’s become a bit of a trend over the last few years for people to choose a ‘word of the year’. This often helps people to focus on their most important priority. Examples include calm, wellness, simplify, expand, energy, organise and balance. But this can be done at any time of the year. If you’ve already set one, check in on how you’re doing and consider if it’s the right one for you, still. Alternatively, have a think about one that could work for you for the remaining months of the year. Each week, you can think about what you’ve done related to that word in the previous week and then use it to align yourself in the coming week.


5. Communicate as a family

Finally, I want to add a note about communicating with your family. If you’re wanting to achieve one thing by the end of the year, while the rest of the family are focused on something else, then it’s going to cause friction. It’s a great idea to talk as a family about what you all want to achieve by the end of the year on an individual level as well as a family. That way, you can support each other in achieving your goals by the end of the year.

That’s all for now. Let me know in the comments what you want from the final months of the year.


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