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5 Ways To Create Memories This Summer!
Aug 09, 2021

When you think back over your favourite memories, it’s not usually the everyday activities that come to mind. It’s also often that they’re not made up of the latest technology or most expensive spends. In fact, they’re often the simpler things in life – those that we’ve perhaps done spontaneously. While we talked about how to be more spontaneous in this month’s newsletter, in this blog post, we’re exploring five ways that you can create memories this summer, whatever it may or may not bring. Let’s dive in.


1. Hand over the reigns to the children

We touched on this when we talked about spontaneity. But there are many times in life when we're busy with work or keeping the house running and leave our children to occupy themselves. There is, in fact, much to be said about how good this can be for our children’s development and wellbeing. But it’s also beneficial to balance this with spending time playing with our children, doing activities of their choosing.

This could be sitting down to create things out of play-doh, making a blanket fort to hide in, or picking up the spare Xbox controls and racing them on Mario Carts. Creating memories does not have to be complex, planned activities. Playing alongside your child, even when they're older, can create special moments and memories too.


2. Stargazing

This is another activity that doesn’t have to cost you a penny extra. But at this time of year, it does involve children staying up later, and we fully appreciate that’s not always the best move with very young children.

However, there is something special about getting blankets and heading outside on a clear night to look at the stars. You can try and spot constellations, satellites and shooting stars. If you're unfamiliar with constellations, there are apps that you can get that will help. If you can go somewhere with minimal light pollution, even better. It can really give you a sense of the wonders of our universe when you see just how many stars there are out there.


3. Back to nature

Nature is full of magical moments, but for lasting memories, you can't beat gathering around a campfire. You can toast marshmallows (yes, they get very sticky!), sing songs and play games. One of our favourites is to think of a category and come up with something related to every letter of the alphabet, such as characters from children's TV. Just watching the flickering flames and spending time together can be magical.


4. Water fight

For some reason, as adults, we can lose sight of how much fun this can be. When our children want to have a water fight, we think of the inconvenience and put them off or warn them not to get water on us. However, if we’re lucky enough to have a hot and sunny day, find that inner child and join in. Even better, load up the water gun and initiate a water fight! Children usually really appreciate the moments when we cast off our adult selves and play like a child, and it’s a recipe for special memories.


5. Memory jar to review later in the year

Finally, I want to introduce you to the memory jar. This not only helps memories stay alive but can be a special moment together as a family too. The idea is simple. Make a habit of writing down those special moments at the end of the day and place the note in the jar. When you need a slight pick-up, you can gather together, pick out the letters, and read them aloud. This allows you to relive those moments and remember how much you appreciate each other.

There are many ways in which you can create memories this summer. But these five should get you off to a good start. Remember, teenagers can appreciate these moments too – it's not just for small children. Give them a go, and let me know how you get on.


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