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5 Ways To Build A Support Network In Business!
Sep 23, 2018

Unless they’re in business themselves, it’s not uncommon for friends and family to come across as unsupportive. When you’ve had a hard day and are looking for some support, many of them will ask what appear to be insensitive questions such as, “when are you going back to work?” or “when are you going to get a proper job?”

They don’t mean to be hurtful, they just don’t get it. But as we saw in the last blog, there is a lot to gain from having a good support network around you. So what can you do to begin building that network? Here’s our top 5:

1. Attend Networking Events

Networking is a great way to boost your business but there’s more to it than that. It takes regular attendance and time building relationships to begin getting business or introductions as a result of your networking but during that time you’re also developing a support network.

Many of the others attending will be running their own business and there’s also a wealth of experience and sound advice available in the room too. You’ll find that many of the other regular attendees will fast become your friends and you will be supporting each other.

2. Join A Mastermind Group

Attending a mastermind will help you to move your business forward. Other business owners will act like a sounding board for any problems you have or ideas that you’re considering. The discussions around these will help you in making decisions. You will also offer the same support to the other members.

A good mastermind will facilitate these opportunities and ensure you are part of a supportive network with business owners who have similar goals and desires.

3. Hire A Coach

If you want a business professional to help you explore your different options, decide how to move forward and to offer the opportunity to regularly discuss your business, then hiring a coach can be an excellent option.

They will use their wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to help you make decisions and grow. Although it’s not an entire network, a coach can be a valuable addition and often has a community which you can join and seek support from too.

4. Online Communities And Groups

In a world dominated by social media, there are thousands of online communities and groups for businesses. You can find them for just about any niche. The choice can be overwhelming and many of them might not be suited to your needs.

But there’s no denying that there are many fabulous groups out there that work hard to build a community feel and a real support network for their members.

5. Join A Membership Club

Finally, there is a variety of paid membership clubs out there designed to support you in your business. These tend to attract those who are serious about building their business and want a place to go for support too.

Again, it’s about finding the right one for you.

Just because your family and friends don’t get it, doesn’t mean you can’t find a great support network to help you in business.

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