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5 Ways To Boost Your Happiness!
Nov 23, 2020

Who doesn’t want more happiness in their life? But let’s be clear, we’re not talking about life smelling of roses all the time – that’s simply unrealistic. However, if you read last month’s blog post you will perhaps now have a better idea of the sorts of things you can do to experience more happiness. In today’s blog post, we’re looking at other ways you can give your happiness levels a boost.


1. The Perfect Day Exercise

In the last blog post, we encouraged you to do the perfect day exercise – but what now? Well, while some of what you wrote might be out of reach for now, there will be aspects that you can start bringing into your life today.

For example, if you imagined getting out of bed and then having a yoga session on a balcony looking out over the ocean first thing in the morning, you could at least get out of bed twenty minutes earlier and enjoy a peaceful yoga session while playing a soundtrack of the sea!

Take a closer look at your perfect day and start implementing some aspects of it into your life today.


2. Gratitude

We’ve talked about this in numerous blog posts but that’s because it’s incredibly effective in improving your mental wellbeing! Take time at the beginning or end of the day to appreciate the small things that we’re surrounded by but take for granted. Get yourself a new notebook (yes, we’re giving you the perfect excuse to buy new stationery!) and start writing down 3-5 things you’re grateful for each day.

It can be simple things such as the water that comes out of your tap or the sun that rose this morning. It can feel hard to get started but the more you do this, the easier it becomes.


3. Smile More

Have you ever noticed that when you’re in a good mood, you seem to bump into more people who are too? Smiling is infectious. When you smile more, the people around you are more likely to start smiling…and that makes you happier and more smiley…

Of course, I’m not talking the kind of smile that’s done through gritted teeth! But if you can start the day on a positive note and with a smile, you tend to find the rest of the day is far more pleasurable.


4. Ask For Help

Okay, it’s time to stop being a martyr. No one can do everything themselves and trying to just leads to resentment towards others that they’re not helping you out. But other people aren’t mind readers. If you’ve been hoping someone close to you would get the hint or would just start doing something, it’s time to become Captain Obvious.

Ask them directly! Explain that you’d really appreciate some help and what you’d like them to do. That way, you not only get the help you need, you are also able to let go of the resentment which leaves you feeling happier.


5. Add Little Extras

Finally, there are always tasks that we don’t enjoy. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make them more enjoyable or bring a little happiness to them. Think about what you can change or do to make it more joyous.

For example, you could change your environment such as doing some admin from the garden or a coffee shop. Or, you could simply add music – the tunes you listen to can have a huge impact on how you feel. Can’t put the housework off any longer? Put on some upbeat music, turn up the volume and dance your way through the chores!

Start adding these five tips into your everyday life and you’ll soon find that you’re experiencing more happiness. Let me know in the comments which one you’re going to try first.

Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and clarity for an easier, happier life!

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