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5 Ways To Be More Courageous!
Oct 25, 2021

How can you be more courageous? This month, we have been exploring how bravery can improve your life and chances of achieving your goals. We also looked at 5 traits of bravery. But what if you discovered that you're not being very brave in your life? Well, today we are looking at 5 different ways in which you can start being more courageous. Have a read through and then commit to using one of these tips in the next couple of weeks.


Make A Habit Of Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Think of courage as a muscle that you can build. Being brave means stepping out of your comfort zone. This, of course, produces feelings of fear and discomfort. However, this becomes much easier to overcome the more you do it. If you can make a habit of stepping out of your comfort zone and facing that fear, then over time it becomes much easier to do. As you build your courage muscle, you will find that you will step further and further outside of your comfort zone and become increasingly courageous. The sky is the limit.


Notice When You Feel The Fear & Act Anyway

Sometimes, all we need to be able to do something is to recognise that we have already overcome this hurdle. In our last blog post, we shared some ways in which you could spot when you have been courageous. There will have been times when you have done something despite feeling fearful. If you can start recognising these moments, then you will start increasing confidence and belief in your own abilities. The more you tell yourself about times when you have been brave or courageous, the happier your mind will be to do it again.


Act On Behalf Of Others

For some of us, it can be much harder to be courageous when it is about benefiting ourselves. Mums and mumpreneurs can find this particularly difficult. Therefore, it can be easier to increase our courage by acting on the behalf of others first. For example, we can find it much easier to speak up about what is right when it concerns our children’s wellbeing rather than our own. If this is you, then build that courage muscle through advocating for others before turning your attention to yourself.


Buddy Up

We've all heard the phrase a problem shared is a problem halved. The same advice can be true for becoming more courageous. It can help to find somebody else who has similar fears and goals as you and work together to overcome those obstacles. Sometimes, we are much more motivated by the idea of letting someone else down rather than letting ourselves down. By working towards common goals with somebody else, you can hold each other accountable and encourage each other to overcome your fears, increasing your chances of success.


Reduce Your Stress Levels

Obviously, feeling fear and doing something anyway can be a stressful experience. We all have limitations in terms of how much stress we can endure. Therefore, it is going to be much harder to be courageous if you are already very stressed. Improving your mental well-being by doing activities such as mindfulness, meditation, or any other form of relaxation will make it much easier for you to be courageous.

Now that you have five ways in which to be more courageous, share with us in the comments which one you'll be trying first and how you're going to step out of your comfort zone.


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