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5 Traits Of Being Brave!
Oct 11, 2021

What does being brave mean? What does it look like? This month we're talking about being courageous. However, we don't always recognise when we are being brave and that can make it difficult to judge whether we are being courageous. Therefore, we're sharing 5 traits of being brave that you can look out for and see how you're doing.


1. Overcoming Adversity

We all experience hard times and moments. It is often during these times that we give up on our dreams and goals or decide that they are just too unrealistic. However, when someone is being courageous rather than letting adversity beat them, they will continue to strive towards their goals and overcome the difficulties in their way. Anytime that you have overcome adversity is a time where you have been courageous.


2. Heart Over Head

Society has trained us to be practical and to make decisions using logic. This means that we often push to the side things that we are passionate about. However, many people who find success do say they’re following their heart and what they are passionate about. In doing so, they're much happier with their lives and how they spend their time and this then translates into greater success. Of course, this doesn't mean we should abandon logic. However, when you are courageous, you will make some heart-based decisions and give space in your life to what you are most passionate about.


3. Feeling The Fear And Doing It Anyway

We all feel fear. It is not possible to avoid it completely. And in fact, the more you try to run away from fear, the more of it you will experience. Being courageous and brave is not about not being scared. Instead, it's about doing those scary things, anyway. If you think back over the things you've done over the last week or month, and how many times you've done something that made you feel scared, you'll have a good idea of how courageous you have been recently.


4. New Experiences

It is possible to go through life doing the same things day in and day out. In fact, that is how many adults will live their lives. However, that is a sure sign of living within your comfort zone rather than being courageous. When you are living a brave life, you will have many new experiences because you will try new things. Have a think back to the last time you experienced something new. This would have undoubtedly required some courage. Was this recent or was it some time ago? This should give you a clue as to how bravely you are currently living.


5. Standing By Your Values

We all have strong values that guide us through life and tell us what is right and what is wrong. However, that doesn't mean we always stand closely with them. Sometimes other things get in the way, such as a fear of how others will respond. But when you are being courageous, you will stand by your values and stand up for what is right regardless of whether this might be awkward. Those times when you stood up for your values when it was difficult to do so are examples of other times when you have been brave.

By looking at these five traits of being brave and how they may or may not have shown up in your life, you can take an objective look as to how courageous you have been in recent years. And if you discover you would like to be braver in the decisions you make, then get in touch to see how I can help. Tell us in the comments below what was the last brave thing you did.


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