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5 Top Tips For Being More Flexible And Adaptable!
Apr 26, 2021

Improving your flexibility and adaptability is not only beneficial during pandemics. As we saw in last month's blog post, there are numerous benefits, including increasing your chances of success. But HOW do we go about developing these skills? How exactly do we become more flexible and adaptable without creating more stress or resistance? Here are our top tips.


1. Stretch Your Comfort Zone

Often, when you feel uncomfortable about being flexible, it's because it will take you outside your comfort zone. However, stretching your comfort zone is much easier when you’re not under pressure or stress. Make a habit of stepping beyond where you're comfortable, and you'll not only find it easier to do in the future, but that comfort zone will grow. It will make adaptability much easier.


2. Variety Is The Spice Of Life…

Creating more variety in your life will also help you to develop your flexibility. This could be with trying new things or finding new ways to do the things you already do. This way, you're developing your ability to tackle new things and face changes. You become more comfortable with how that feels, which makes it easier to be adaptable.


3. Look At The Bigger Picture

Sometimes we spend our time focusing on the small details and lose sight of the bigger picture. Being flexible and adaptable makes it more likely that you’ll achieve your goals and dreams. It just might be that how you get there looks different to how you expected. In the end, the process doesn’t matter as much as that big picture.

Keep stepping back and looking at situations from different angles and think about the ultimate goal. This can give you new perspectives that will allow you to be more adaptable in your approach to things.


4. Listen

Our brains are very good at filtering information, so we only hear and see what fits our worldview. While we need our brains to act as filters to avoid us being overwhelmed, it does mean that we’re unlikely to fully recognise alternative views or solutions.

One way to overcome this and become more adaptable is to spend more time consciously listening to others. Take note of what they are saying and how they view a situation. This can open you up to different approaches without the resistance that would usually stop you from being flexible.


5. Seek Support

Finally, if you recognise that being more flexible and adaptable would benefit you, your business or personal life, remember that help is available. Sometimes, it takes an outside perspective from someone objective to see what's really happening and show you the solution. If you would like help in developing these skills, then do get in touch.

For now, let me know below which of these tips you’ll be trying – remember, more adaptability and flexibility can mean more success!


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