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5 Sustainable Summer Activities For The Family!
Jul 26, 2021

How can you make your summer activities more sustainable? This month we've been looking at how you can be more eco-friendly during the summer months. We've explored day-to-day life and the big family summer holiday. But you are also faced with at least six weeks of entertaining the children. So, today’s blog explores five different sustainable summer activities for the family.


1. Explore The Great Outdoors

There are a ridiculous amount of choices when it comes to the great outdoors. There's splashing and swimming in outdoor lakes or the sea, climbing hills and mountains, bike rides around forests and more. What you choose to do will obviously depend on your children’s ages and capabilities. But let’s remember that the great outdoors is an adventure playground waiting to be explored. Children soon start making their own fun, creating dams in streams and tents from large sticks. Plus, they tend to be exhausted after a day of running around outside.


2. Visit Your Local Tourist Sites

In the last blog post, we mentioned having a staycation. We can often be tempted to explore further afield. However, there is normally plenty on the doorstep. You could take a look at the National Trust sites near you, find farms to visit and feed the animals, try out the nearest themes parks or visit museums.


3. Go Foraging

If you're not confident in doing this yourself, make sure you book with a local guide. However, it can be great fun to collect your own food. Your children will be intrigued and may just be tempted to try some new and unusual foods. You can't get much more eco-friendly than eating things that are naturally growing around you.


4. Beach Cleans

Beaches and many local areas will run clean up sessions. Unfortunately, many of our beauty spots can be blighted by litter. But getting the children involved will not only teach them to take pride in their surroundings, but they’ll also get to meet new people and have some fun too. Plus, the wildlife will be very happy!


5. Join Sustainable Events

You can also find a whole host of sustainable events taking place locally. These can vary from farmers’ markets selling organic produce to large events themed around sustainable crafts. There are also now family-friendly music festivals which only use renewable energy. It’s worth pulling out the laptop and searching what’s happening over the next couple of months. Whatever you choose to do this summer, I hope you have a fabulous one. Feel free to share your plans and memories below.


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