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5 Ideas For An Eco-Friendly Summer Holiday!
Jul 12, 2021

We all want to do our bit for the environment, and this has only become more pressing as we witness the changes happening to our planet. But you and your family also want a summer holiday. In fact, you deserve one. This month we're talking all about sustainable summers, and the family holiday is no different. That’s why we’re sharing five ways in which you can have a more eco-friendly summer holiday.


1. Sleep Under Canvas

While the all-inclusive hotels in hot destinations can be alluring, many children love camping and sleeping under canvas. They tend to spend more time outdoors, have more freedom, and enjoy making new friends and games.

Obviously, the more basic you go, the better for the environment. While most don’t want to go wild camping with children, there is a growing trend of nearly wild camping where you can stay on a safe site with basic facilities.

However, just because you choose to go camping doesn’t mean you have to forget the luxuries. Instead, you can opt for glamping. These tents are already erected and often include home comforts such as a bed, carpet, rugs and your own shower facilities.


2. Take A Staycation

We are often keen to get away from where we live and explore other areas. Plus, it’s entirely possible that you’ve been living somewhere for years and never visited your local tourist sites. Staycations are a growing trend. These are when you holiday at or near your home. This obviously reduces the transportation that would usually impact the environment.

You could either choose to stay at a location much nearer than you would have perhaps selected in the past or, you can opt to instead have a series of day trips out to local sights of interest.


3. Offset Your Carbon Footprint

If you really don't feel able to reduce your carbon footprint, you might instead consider offsetting it. There are travel companies that specialise in this. For example, they'll plant enough trees so that they counteract your carbon usage. It's not the perfect solution, but it's a close second.


4. Stay At An Eco-Retreat

Many places are now specialising in providing eco-friendly stays or retreats. For example, you can stay in a treehouse or at a National Trust eco-cottage that uses renewable energy sources and has charging points for electric cars. There is a huge choice of possibilities available.


5. Try A Different Transportation

Finally, changing your mode of transportation could introduce you to a whole host of new holidays. There are now cycling holidays that are child-friendly appearing. Or perhaps you’d like to take to the water with a canal boat. Alternatively, you might choose to buy a rail pass and travel around by train visiting different parts of the country.

It is totally possible to still have a fun family holiday while remaining eco-friendly. You just need a little bit of imagination to find the right thing for you. Let me know below what eco-friendly break you’re taking this summer.


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