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3 Ways You Can Bring More Joy Into 2022!
Nov 22, 2021

How can you experience more moments of joy in your life? In our last blog post, we cast our minds back to recognise the times in which we had experienced great happiness over the past year. But now, it’s time to do a little forward planning. When we’re more conscious about creating joy, we have more perspective about our lives. Rather than dwelling on things that have gone wrong, we can recall the joyous moments in our lives, too. But how can you bring more of it into your life? Here are three ways to help you begin...


1. Pause and Observe

Many people are put off by the term ‘mindfulness’ feeling unsure about what it is. Often they imagine having to sit cross-legged, meditating somewhere peaceful. For mums and mumpreneurs, that can be unrealistic. Mindfulness on a fundamental level just means consciously being present. When you are being mindful, you pause, observe, and appreciate what is around you at that moment.

For example, how many of us have scrolled through social media while our child is running around the playground. Or thought about the work or meeting that we have later that day while walking from one place to another. When you're being mindful, you instead focus on the here and now. You see the grin on your child's face when they reach the top of the climbing frame or feel the breeze as they swing through the air. You notice the birds tweeting and the leaves crunching underfoot as you walk along the street on your way to a meeting. It is in these moments that we can experience real joy.

Each day, consciously make an effort to slow down and be present in your surroundings.


2. Random Acts Of Kindness

We’ve all heard that phrase that it’s better to give than to receive. Now, mums and mumpreneurs can often find themselves in the position where it feels like all they do is give. So, we need to take a slightly different approach to this to release those endorphins that make us feel joyful. This is where random acts of kindness come in.

We can feel as though our energy is constantly being absorbed by others, not least by our own children. And much of this comes from a sense of obligation. But randomly performing a kind act is very different. The person receiving it will also be surprised rather than expecting it. They will feel joy, and this, in turn, means you'll feel joy. Ever noticed how smiles and happiness can be infectious?

This could be a random act for your partner, child, or friend. But it can equally be one for a stranger. For example, you might buy a coffee for the person behind you in the queue or give someone a copy of your favourite book. Keep it a random act, and you will experience a feeling of joy.


3. Make Time For An Activity You Enjoy

There is no denying that as a mum or mumpreneur, this can feel almost impossible. But the benefits are huge. You'll not only experience joy, but you'll also find you're more efficient in everything else you do.

It doesn’t really matter what the activity is, as long as it’s one that you WANT to do. It could be taking up sewing, learning a language, or joining a choir. However, special mention does have to go to both exercise and getting outdoors. Both have repeatedly been found to bring more joy.

So, let me know below which of these you’re going to try. Remember, it’s unrealistic to aim to feel joy in every moment of your life or never have a bad day. But you can learn to bring moments of joy to each day. If you’re feeling a little stuck about how to do this and would love to experience more moments of joy, do get in touch to see how I can help.


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