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3 Ways To Start Stretching Your Comfort Zone!
Dec 28, 2020

Okay, so whilst stretching your comfort zone is a good thing to do, it doesn’t mean it’s easy or that it comes free from problems. Imagine your comfort zone as a circle around you. Outside that circle is another one – your stretch zone. Now the size of this circle can vary too – for some it’s only a little more than the comfort zone and for others it’s much more spacious.

But beyond the stretch zone is another circle – the danger zone and this one should be avoided. It’s when you step into this area that you can completely freak out; anxiety goes off the scale and you end up closing down. When you try and operate in this area, you shrink your comfort zone – the opposite of what you want.

The key to expanding your comfort zone is to operate in the stretch zone – in other words step outside your comfort zone but not so far you freak out! Here are three ways that you can do exactly that.


1. Repetition Will Make You Feel Comfortable

Do you recall the mix of excitement and fear that you felt when you first became a mum? The feeling of having achieved something incredible in your life by bringing a baby into the world but not really knowing what you were doing.

Or if you’re a mumpreneur, how if felt when you first embarked on setting up in business? The rollercoaster of emotions after spending so long dreaming about it and then wondering what on earth you’d done.

As time goes on, you began to feel more and more comfortable with what you’re doing. Repetition made it easier and bought it inside your comfort zone.

It’s the same with anything that’s new. It takes time to get comfortable. You have to take the first step and keep going, knowing it will become easier. Reminding yourself of how new things have felt in the past can help you. If you can adjust to motherhood, there really is not stopping you!


2. Tweak Your Routine

Having a routine is just as much about comfort as it is keeping on track and being organised. Try to change your routine in small but noticeable ways so that you start introducing new experiences. For example, you might want to try a new parent and toddler class, attend a different class at the gym or join a new online networking meeting.

When you shake up your routine it will lead to meeting new people, seeing new faces, hearing different points of view – which will ultimately prompt new ideas for work as well as your personal life. And it takes just one small change to step outside your comfort zone and mix things up.


3. Say Yes More Often

There are absolutely times when, as mums, we need to learn to say “no” more often. But there are also times when we turn down opportunities because they’re beyond out comfort zone. Of course, we’ll make up 101 excuses rather than admit that’s the case!

But saying yes to something when you don’t think you’re quite ready is a good way to stretch your comfort zone. This could be a new project, new role, or a new environment. It can open up huge opportunities in business and your personal life as well as increase your confidence.

Think of it this way, if someone is asking you, then they have faith in your capabilities which is a sure sign that this is a stretch you should be making!

Once you start stretching your comfort zone, you’ll start to recognise even more opportunities that surround you and you will grow in confidence making it easier to make the next step and the next. If you feel like you need additional support in stepping outside your comfort zone, then do drop me a message to find out more about how I can help you.


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