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3 Ways To Increase Your Resilience
Jul 27, 2020

When you build your resilience, you’re able to cope with more of what life throws at you. Not only that, but you can also find yourself thriving when faced with a challenge. In the last blog post, we looked at the kind of things that can reduce your resilience. In this one, we’re covering what you can do to build it back up again.

1. Learn To Relax

I know – this sounds like a joke. As a mum or mumpreneur, relaxation is a distant memory. It might be something that you don’t expect to have in your life again for many years to come. However, relaxation is still possible even when you’re a parent.

It’s also crucial to your wellbeing and being resilient. Think about it as a jug of water. Each incident or challenge adds more water to the jug. Eventually, it spills over. It could have been something tiny, but just like those few extra drops, it was that bit too much. Taking a few minutes to relax will remove some of the water from the jug, stopping it from spilling over.

It might be five minutes in the morning with a cuppa before everyone else wakes up or a bubble bath after the children have gone to bed. Whatever helps you to relax, making time for it will improve your resilience levels.

2. Build A Support Network

We’re willing to bet that anyone you admire has got where they are today with support from someone. They may have had times when they’ve felt alone, but at some point, they had people that they could turn to for a shoulder to cry, to celebrate their successes with or to give advice.

It’s not uncommon for mumpreneurs, in particular, to meet resistance from friends, family and even their partners when they set out to build their business. If they don’t get it, that’s fine. You just need to surround yourself with people who do. Put time and effort into building a network who will support you when needed. Your resilience will soar when you know there are people who’ve got your back.

3. Swap Negative For Positive

Again, it might seem like we’re suggesting the impossible! However, we cannot underestimate the benefits of switching negative thoughts to positive ones. Negative thoughts running through your mind unchecked each day, knock your confidence and resilience.

You need to start by recognising what you are subconsciously thinking. Meditation and mindfulness activities can help with this. Once you notice them, you can start changing them. For example, you can simply add the word "yet" onto the end, "I'm not good enough at this…yet". That also puts you back in control as you can ask yourself what you need to do to improve.

If you think that you’ve failed at something, rather than dwelling on it, ask yourself what lessons you've learned. Some people like to think of FAIL as the "first attempt in learning". You’re then one step ahead of where you were.

Even More Ways To Increase Your Resilience

These are just three ways that you can increase your resilience, and there are many other things that you can try. Sometimes though, you might need a little support to do that. That’s totally normal. If you’ve realised that your resilience has taken quite a knock and you would like a helping hand in improving it, do drop me a message to discover how I can help.

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