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3 Ways To Discover What Truly Brings You Happiness!
Nov 09, 2020

Are you pursuing happiness? Do you have a sneaky suspicion that you’re seeking it in the wrong places or things? In this month’s newsletter we looked at what can throw us off track. We discussed how society today often encourages us to value and pursue things that do nothing to improve our happiness levels. If that’s the case, then how can you discover what truly brings you happiness? We’re sharing our top three suggestions to help you get going.


1. Recalling Happy Memories

One of the easiest ways to identify what really brings you happiness is to think about your happy memories – the moments in your life that stand out and you remember for all the right reasons. But we can still be led off track.

For example, you might remember a family trip somewhere where there was lots of fun and laughter. You could think that it was visiting that place or doing a certain activity that made you feel happy. Or it might be that it was the sound of your children’s laughter or that you got to spend quality time together.

While it’s easy to make a quick assumption about why that memory holds so much happiness, it’s important that you sit with it for a bit and identify what it really was that raised those endorphins. Once you know, you can then make sure that you bring more of this into your life.


2. Without Limitations

This one involves asking yourself just one question – what would I do if there were no limitations? This involves you freeing yourself from the expectations of others and any ideas of what you “should” do. Free yourself from those restrictions and think about what you would do now if they didn’t exist.

In other words, you might initially think things like, “I should do the laundry” or “I could bake a cake for my children”. But instead, you need to think about what you WANT to do…for you. Because you’ll enjoy it. The things that come to mind could give you clues about what would bring you more happiness.


3. The Perfect Day

This exercise requires pen, paper, and thirty minutes peace and quiet – a tough order with children around, I know! Again, you need to free yourself from any limitations. Don’t think about things that can hold you back such as money or childcare.

Sit down and envision your perfect day. What would that day look like? What would your bed be like that you wake up in? What would you do as soon as you woke up? Write out what your perfect day would look like. You might be surprised by what you come up with.


In our next blog post, I’ll be sharing what to do next with that perfect day because we’ll be sharing five ways that you can boost your happiness. For now, let me know what you discover from doing these exercises. What’s going to truly bring you happiness?


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