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3 Ways To Be More Courageous!
Oct 26, 2020

Have you ever wanted to be bolder? Have you found yourself admiring others who seem to really go after what they want or who don’t have any trouble speaking their mind and wished you had their guts? Well, that’s exactly what this blog post is going to help you with today. Earlier this month we explored the things that can leave us feeling less courageous and why being bolder can be important. Now, it’s time to reveal how you can push through the fear and have more courage.


1. Recognise And Question The Fear

At the beginning of this month, we explained that being courageous doesn’t mean an absence of fear. That means that if we can get on top of the fear, we can take bolder actions. Now, the thing about fear is that if you try to ignore it, those inner mind monkeys just start screaming louder making you feel more fearful.

Therefore, one easy step you can take is to recognise and acknowledge the fear that you’re feeling. Then you can start questioning it and whether it’s based on beliefs or facts. Try to search your memory for occasions when what you fear has not happened. For example, if you’re worried about public speaking, search for a time when you have spoken to a group of people and nothing bad happened! Remember, you’re still here so many of those fears are not based in reality!


2. Think Positively

When we focus on the negatives in life, or continually think that things will go wrong, our fear is increased, and we are less likely to be courageous. None of this happens overnight but it’s important to start developing a positive mindset and looking at the brighter side of life. Imagine the difference it can make when you focus on the things you can do or that you do have, rather than the opposite.

When you want to be more courageous, remind yourself of all those things that you’ve managed to achieve so far (such as being a great mum!). When you focus on that rather than your struggles, you will feel like you can take on the world!


3. Recognise The Benefits Of Failure

One of the things that stops us being courageous is that dear old friend of ours, the fear of failure. We stop ourselves from going for it as we worry about the consequences. But when you take a different view of failure, much of that worry disappears and therefore allows you to show courage.

You may have heard that the word FAIL simply means “first attempt in learning”. In fact, failure is a crucial part of the learning process. When something doesn’t work out, you’ve simply eliminated one of the options and are now a step closer to finding the right one for you. Focus on what you can learn from any failures and you stop worrying about it so much.

Now, it’s time for you to put the advice into action. It’s time for you to step up and show a bolder you. I’d love to hear what you now plan to do. And remember, if you need more help in getting courageous, I’m right here to help you.


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