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3 Tips For Eco-friendly Decluttering!
Mar 08, 2021

You've got the marigolds at the ready and are raring to go! It's the perfect time of year to have a declutter, but you'd like to do it with minimal impact on the planet. The effect of global warming has become ever more prevalent during our lifetime and, quite rightly, you want to do your bit. In this week's blog post, we're sharing our tips for decluttering and keeping it green.


1. Recycle 

Do you remember Bob The Builder’s slogan, “reduce, reuse, recycle"? It is, in fact, great advice to follow when decluttering too. Let's start with recycling. All sorts of things that you want to clear out could be recycled.

For example, if there are clothes that your children have outgrown or that you no longer wear, these can be donated to second-hand shops. This allows someone else to get affordable clothes while also raising funds for a charity. The same is true for other items such as books, furniture, or crockery. If it’s still in good condition, try to pass it along so these things can be enjoyed by others.

You might also find that you have a plethora of cardboard boxes. These have often been saved after Christmas in case things need to be returned. But these can often be recycled at the kerbside or your local refuse collection point. However, if you’re into gardening or growing your own food, there is another fun alternative. Check out "no-dig" gardening to discover how cardboard can be used to save you time and effort in the garden and to nourish your soil.


2. Upcycle

This has become a fashionable trend. Websites such as Etsy are full of upcycling projects. If you have furniture, fabric or other materials lying about, it’s worth taking a look at how this could be repurposed. There are some beautiful projects out there showing you how to transform something in an easy and fun way. For example, take an old wooden drawer, give it a lick of paint and change the handles, and you suddenly have a whole new look.

But scrap materials can also be used to create something new. Copper pipes can be used to create shelving or lighting details, and fabrics can be reused for making patchwork blankets. The possibilities are endless, and you get to unleash your creativity.


3. Cleaning Products

Finally, it’s worth taking a look at the cleaning products you have hiding under your kitchen sink. When we declutter, we also tend to give everything a good clean. But many of the products we have traditionally used are laden with chemicals that are polluting our planet. You can replace these with more eco-friendly products or even make your own from natural products you probably already have.

Let me know in the comments below – how are you going to be more environmentally friendly when you have a good declutter?


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