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3 Things You Can Do To Gain Greater Clarity!
Mar 11, 2019

It’s all very well being told that you need to get clarity around your passion and purpose, but what do you do if you’re feeling confused? In this month’s newsletter, we discussed the benefits of getting clarity and how it could make your life flow with more ease. But what if you don’t know what you want? What do you do then? This blog post gives you three top tips on how you can clear away the confusion and find more clarity.

The trouble is that when you spend so much time looking after the needs of others, you often forget what it is that you really want. It can all become muddled up with society’s expectations and what others think you should do.

As all these different thoughts and ideas spin around in your head it can feel almost impossible to identify which, if any, give you a sense of purpose or that you feel passionate about. So, how can you start getting some clarity?

1. Brain Dump

One of the simplest ways to stop your brain spinning is to get all those thoughts out and onto a piece of paper. If Harry Potter has arrived in your household, think of it as a pensieve.

Ask yourself what it is you want and what you want your life to look like. Get a large piece of paper and dump all your thoughts on to it. Don’t worry about rights and wrongs as this stage, just jot them down.

Not holding it all in your head gives you the opportunity to evaluate it all. You can then start assessing which of these feel right for you and which are influenced by others.

2. Take A Break

Inspiration tends to strike in those rare moments when you allow your brain to stop and rest. Giving yourself that break will allow you the space to get the clarity you need and the answers will come. You could try meditation, a walk in nature or relaxing in the bath.

The important thing is you allow yourself to switch off from the everyday and allow your mind to clear. When you have achieved this, ask yourself what it is you want and listen to the little voice inside that replies.

3. Suspend Society’s Myths & Rules

Much of our thinking over the years has been shaped by the society around us. Yet many of the beliefs that we have picked up from it are not true. If you’re being held back by thinking things are not possible, examine where that belief has come from.

For example, you might believe that being a good mum means never leaving your child with someone else. Or perhaps you believe that you must work hard in life and that you can’t enjoy your work.

Neither of these is true. It’s just beliefs that we’ve picked up from our surroundings over the years.

In amongst your confusion (or your brain dump), there will be ideas that you’ve dismissed as ludicrous or not possible. Ask yourself again if these are what you really want and start asking yourself how they could be possible rather than dismissing them.

Our next blog post will look at how you can maintain clarity once you know what it is you want. For now, try these three tips and then share in the comments what clarity you now have. What is it you want from your life?

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