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3 Reasons To Be More Courageous!
Oct 12, 2020

If being courageous means you still feel the fear, is it worth it? Wouldn’t life just be more comfortable to stay as you are? Not exactly. Yes, being bolder does mean that you’re going to experience fear more often. However, the benefits far outweigh this temporary discomfort. In this month’s newsletter we explored what might make us less courageous and in this blog post, we’re exploring three major benefits of doing something about that.


1.Allows You To Experience More Of Life

When we allow our fears to dictate what we do, we keep ourselves small. In fact, we shrink ourselves. Showing more courage can really open our lives and allow us to experience much more.

Let’s take an example. You’re planning a great day out with your family. Your children are quite adventurous. If you think about it, this makes sense - they’ve had far less life experiences and therefore their courage has yet to be reduced by beliefs and thoughts we’ve developed throughout our lives.

Your children have seen that there is a huge zip wire near where you’re going. It’s one of the longest in the world and they’re excited at the prospect of whizzing over lakes and countryside at high speed. The thought of it terrifies you but your children are excited at the prospect of doing it all together as a family.

Without courage, you give it a miss. But when you choose to be bold, you and your children create incredible memories and you expand your experiences.


2. Achieve More Success

But it’s not just more experiences that you gain. With that comes the possibility of more success in life or in your business. When you’re willing to try more things, you are more likely to find the thing that really works for you. Courage allows you to grab the opportunities that comes your way – it doesn’t mean that all of them will work out but you’re more likely to find success by trying them than staying in your comfort zone.

For example, if you’re a mumpreneur, you might get invited to speak on a stage in front of 1000 people. If you listen to your fear of public speaking, you’d turn down the opportunity. But with courage, you’d grab the opportunity with both hands and get on that stage with your fear. That then widens your audience much further and can lead to many more customers. Sitting on the side lines won’t move you any further forwards.


3. Master Your Emotions

Finally, being courageous allows you to master more of your emotions. You discover how to cope with your fears and overcome them, to stay calm in adversity, and to pick yourself up when things don’t quite work out the way you wanted.

It’s a skill that benefits every area of your life. When you’re able to master your emotions, your relationships can improve whether that’s with your partner, parents, or children. If you’re a mumpreneur, it allows you to adapt much more quickly in your business and deal effectively with challenges that come your way.

Courage allows us to progress – to move our lives in a forward direction – rather than letting fear hold us back. If you want to achieve more, then courage is going to help you get there. In our next blog post this month, we’ll be sharing how you can be more courageous. For now, why not share what you would do if you were able to be a little bolder?


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