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3 Other Reasons You May Lack Motivation
Oct 07, 2018

Lacking motivation can bring business to a halt. It has the potential to be a silent killer. In this month’s newsletter, we explored the connection between your reason why and your motivation levels. But there are other reasons why you might not feel like doing what you need to do in your business or personal life. Here, we explore three other reasons that you may lack that motivation.

1. Overwhelm

The trouble with overwhelm is that it becomes a bit of a vicious circle. You’re overwhelmed because you feel like there is just too much that you need to do for the time available and then because you’re overwhelmed, your brain shuts down and you find you’re unable to get a single thing done competently or quickly. So you then feel even more overwhelmed because there’s now even more to be done...and so it goes on.

It can quickly make you go from keeping all the balls in the air to them falling to the floor one by one. You want to withdraw from the world, lick your wounds and then come back again later when things feel a bit more manageable...if they ever do feel that way again.

Your motivation disappears and you have no desire to continue trying to juggle everything!

2. Fear

Yes, this old beauty again.

Fear is often behind so many of the struggles that we have. It’s like a child that won’t leave your side, however much you try to escape!

As we’ve discussed in the past, fear can be routed in all kinds of things from fear of failure to fear of success. When we are fearful, consciously or unconsciously, are brain tries to protect us from that possible pain by making us avoid it.

The last thing our ego wants is to be subjected to something that scares us and could be harmful so it waves goodbye to any form of motivation because it will do everything possible to keep you safe.

3. Exhaustion/Stress

Finally, there’s exhaustion and stress. I’ve lumped these two together because so often, they walk together hand in hand: Feeling exhausted can lead to stress and being stressed can leave you feeling exhausted.

When you’re exhausted and/or stressed, you are not able to deal with as much as usual and again, your body wants to protect you. So, rather than getting you all fired up and motivated, you end up avoiding those things that might make you feel more stress or exhaustion. As much as you know you need to plan the families healthy evening meal or be active on your social media platforms, just the idea of it adds to how you’re feeling and you end up lacking motivation – so instead, you may get a take-away or choose an alternative less challenging business task.

But the most important thing for you to know is that all of these can be overcome. You can get that motivation back and feel fired up again. Look out for our blog later this month which will tell you exactly how you can do this.

For now, share how you’re feeling. Are you lacking motivation? Can you identify why?

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