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3 Lessons I learned From Applying The Law Of Attraction!
May 10, 2021

Does it really make that much of a difference, or is it just a load of old hogwash? In this month's newsletter, we talked about the concept known as “the law of attraction”. When many first hear about it, they can find themselves resisting it, believing it's too woo-woo. But the truth is, much of it has a scientific basis. It’s also natural for our brains to mistrust something that is new to us. The law of attraction can do more than just manifest more of what you want in your life. Here are seven lessons we’ve learned from applying the law of attraction in our lives.


1. It Won’t Land In Your Lap

You may have seen or heard of the book The Secret, which was later turned into a film. From this, many people got the idea that you just had to think about what you wanted, and it would land in their laps. But this is misleading.

Whether it’s what we want to hear or not, the truth is that we must take action towards the things that we want. While the law of attraction might not require you to know exactly what you need to do to reach your dreams, it does require you to try things. It will help you to spot new opportunities and come up with ideas. But it is you who has to follow through on them.


2. Anything Is Possible If It’s What You Really Want

The conditioning we receive as children often means that we place limitations on ourselves. We wish that we could do something and then tell ourselves that we need to be more realistic. This means that we end up not pursuing the things we really want.

However, when you start using the law of attraction every day, it removes these limitations. It allows you to think big. As you begin to take more steps towards your goals, you wonder what else is possible and start to trust in the process and think even bigger. Before you know it, anything is possible.


3. The Alternative Leaves You Lacking

Anyone who has achieved success in their life has believed that it was possible and continued to work towards their dreams, whatever obstacles were in the way. For example, the first Harry Potter book was repeatedly rejected by publishers. But J.K. Rowling didn't stop believing that someone would take it up. She continued to send out her manuscript. If you’re a mumpreneur, you might keenly follow other entrepreneurs. You’ll find all of them have believed in their business and pushed aside any doubts that it might not work.

Whatever you believe when it comes to the law of attraction, one thing’s for sure. No one achieves what they want by continually telling themselves it’s impossible. Following the law of attraction is only ever going to increase your chances of achieving everything you desire.

Our next blog will reveal how you can start using the law of attraction in your life. For now, if you need help, either deciding what it is you want or achieving your dreams, do get in touch.


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