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3 Benefits To Stretching Your Comfort Zone!
Dec 14, 2020

If your brain is simply trying to protect you and keep you safe, why would you want to go against that? Well, because we live in a very different world to the one when this part of our brain was developed. That means it can overreact and hold our progress back. Yes, we still need to exercise some caution because stepping too far beyond our comfort zones can result in us freaking out and our comfort zone’s shrinking further.

But if you want to make any kind of progress, you have to step outside of it and stretching that comfort zone comes with a myriad of benefits too. Here’s our top three.


1. Achievements & Success

There’s a saying, “if you continue doing the same things, you’re going to continue getting the same results” and it’s true. If you want to achieve something new or grow your success, then you’ll need to do something new. That means stepping out of your comfort zone.

When you do this in the right way, then you can start achieving more and more success. Let’s say, for example, that your first step is to start conversations with new people. Once you’ve done this a few times without anything terrible happening, your brain learns that this is a safe activity and your comfort zone expands to include it. You’re then able to take the next step.

In this way, stepping out of your comfort zone allows you to be successful – staying in it would hamper your progress.


2. Personal Growth

When you start doing new things, you can learn much more about yourself. As you stretch yourself, you can discover your own strengths and weaknesses or possibly even hidden talents. Knowing these things aids your personal growth. For example, once you’ve identified weaknesses, you can work on improving them and when you discover your strengths, you can ensure that you play these to your advantage.

Sometimes you’ll step outside your comfort zone and things won’t go smoothly. But again, these are learning opportunities that can help you to grow on a personal level.


3. Resilience

And that’s not all. When things go wrong and you deal with the consequences, you develop your resilience which is vital skill for any mum or mumpreneur. But that’s not the only way that stepping outside your comfort zone can increase your resilience.

Remember how the brain tries to warn you that you’re in danger when you enter new territory? Well, depending on how far you’ve stepped outside, it can make you feel stressed. We often see stress as a bad thing and in high doses it is. But it is also an essential part of being a human being and many believe we need a certain amount of stress to guide our actions.

Either way, it would be unrealistic of us to think that we can always be stress-free which means we need to develop our resilience so that we can deal with it effectively without any harmful impact. When you start stretching your comfort zone, this helps you to develop those resilience skills. You learn ways to deal with it and reduce it so you can keep moving forward towards your goals.

There are many other benefits to stepping outside your comfort zone too – despite how it might seem at first, it’s definitely a positive thing to do. Let me know in the comments – how do you feel about stepping outside your comfort zone?


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