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21 Things You Can Show Gratitude For Today
Aug 10, 2020

Ever noticed how it can be, getting started on something that can be the hardest step? Our thoughts tend to build things up until they're much bigger than reality. It doesn't matter if it's a new way of exercising, doing something in your business, or a milestone with your child such as potty training.

The same is true for practising gratitude. Getting going can be the hardest step. The most significant barrier is recognising what to be grateful for. But once you realise how much we tend to take for granted, you can soon find thousands of blessings to count. 

Today, we’re giving you a helping hand in getting started with a list of things you can begin feeling thankful for...


Around The Home

Being thankful for a roof over your head is a great place to start, but we also have many things in our homes that we too can appreciate. Here are ten suggestions:

1. Electricity to my home that allows me to boil a kettle at the touch of a button

2. Water that is delivered to my home and appears at the turn of a tap

3. Pillows that enable me to rest my head and neck at night

4. Cutlery in my drawer that allows me to eat my meals easily

5. The chair or sofa which supports me and offers me some comfort

6. The blanket I can pull over me on a chilly night to feel warm and snug

7. The heating which stops ice forming inside my home

8. The table we use as a family that gives us a space to eat, work and play

9. The books on my shelf that have entertained, wowed, and informed me.

10. The toothpaste and toothbrush I use to keep my teeth clean and my mouth fresh


Outside The Home

Our movements may have been much more restricted this year than previously, but it has also provided us with an opportunity to take notice of what has always been there. Here are ten more examples:

1. The bird sitting on the fence and singing its heart out

2. The stars that shine bright at night

3. The new walk I discovered just around the corner from my home

4. The clearer and less polluted waters

5. The stranger that said hi and smiled when they passed by a few metres away

6. The key workers still working and serving me in the supermarket

7. The soil that magically nourishes plants, flowers, and even grows food

8. The peacefulness with fewer cars on the road

9. Spotting some wildlife like a mole, hare, heron or rabbit

10. The sun that’s shining and brightening my day

11. The fresh air that sustains my life without ever having to think about it.


Being thankful is all about these small things. In our next blog post, we’ll be sharing different ways in which you can practise gratitude. But for now, start trying to spot those little blessings that surround you.

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