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21 Questions To Help You Reflect On 2021!
Dec 13, 2021

How can 2021 help you to improve your life for 2022? Reflecting objectively on the year that has passed is one of the best ways to make adjustments going forward that will ensure 2022 is greater. In this month's newsletter, we discussed the power of reflection, and in this blog post, we're helping you to do just that with our bumper guide to questions that will help you reflect on the past year. Without further ado, let’s get going!


Family & Friends

Social interaction is essential to human beings. It's why the lockdowns were such a struggle for many. Below you’ll find a series of questions to answer related to your family. However, it can also be helpful to answer these based on time spent with your friends too. These will help you reflect on this area of life and help you make improvements where necessary.

1. What do you think have been the family highlights this year? Why was this?

2. What has been your favourite family moment this year? How can you create more of this next year?

3. What has been most challenging for the family this year? Why was this?

4. What was the biggest family obstacle that you overcame this year? What was it that you did that helped you to overcome it?

5. Which family members did you enjoy spending time with this year? How can you spend more time with these people next year?

6. Which activities did you most enjoy with your family? What is it about those activities you most enjoy?

7. Which activities did you least enjoy? Why was this?



Many of you will be juggling family alongside work, business or another professional role. It is a 'needs must' situation for some, and for others, it might provide you with a sense of purpose. Either way, it can be helpful to look back on this area of your life to make informed decisions about your work going forward.

8. During the last 12 months, what has given you a great sense of achievement in this area of your life? Why do you think this is?

9. What disappointments have you experienced over the last year related to work, business or your professional life?

10. What have you learned in this area of your life that you can take forward into next year?

11. Which aspects of your work do you most enjoy? Why?

12. Which aspects do you least enjoy? Why? Is there something you can do to change this or make it more enjoyable?

13. What skills have you gained this year? How could these be useful during 2022?

14. What work challenges have you overcome in the past 12 months? How did you do this?



This is the area that perhaps, gets most neglected by mums and mumpreneurs. After we have done what we need to do for our family, friends and work commitments, it can feel like there is little time or energy left to focus on our personal lives. However, it is so important that we first fill our cup before giving it to others. If you find that, on reflection, you've not given much attention to this, don't worry. You'll be able to make it a priority for next year. Remember, the purpose of our reflections is to see what we can learn going forward!

15. What was your biggest personal accomplishment this year? How did this benefit you?

16. In 2021, what has given you the most fun and laughter in your personal life? Why was this?

17. What has been the biggest challenge in your personal life this year? How have you coped or overcome it?

18. What has been your favourite activity this year? What does this activity give you?

19. What is the best thing you’ve bought for yourself this year? What was it that made it the best thing?

20. What is the worst thing you’ve bought for yourself this year? Why was this?

21. What are you most proud of this year? What are the key reasons you are proud of this? What impact did it have on you and/or others?


Phew! We know that this might have been many questions to ponder, but they really will benefit you going forward. In our next blog post, we'll tell you how to use your responses to plan for an epic 2022. But for now, share with me your proudest moment of 2021 and let's celebrate each other.


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