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11 Ways To Boost Your Self Worth!
Feb 25, 2019

How often do you find yourself brushing off compliments? When someone tells you that you look great, you immediately point out the dark circles under your eyes. Or maybe someone asks you that dreaded question, “what are your strengths?” and the only response that comes to mind is that you don’t have any. You do, by the way, you just don’t recognise your self worth.

Self esteem and acknowledging your worth are important when you want the confidence to achieve more in life. It helps you to be ready for the action and decisions that you’ll need to take. Here we list eleven ways that you can start recognising your own self worth.

1.Accept Those Compliments

First of all, start accepting those compliments! It may feel uncomfortable but respond with a simple “thank you” and over time it will become easier. Rather than feeling awkward, you’ll find yourself feeling rather pleased with yourself!

2. Accept Your Thoughts And Re-balance Them

What you don’t want to do is start chastising yourself for any negative thoughts that you have - that just creates more negative feelings. Instead, accept them for what they are – a thought and not a fact. Once you’ve done that, you can ask yourself what you’ve done that disproves the thought. If you’re telling yourself you’re unreliable because you’re always late (it often happens with motherhood!), then remind yourself of the many times where you were on time or even early.

3. List Your Qualities

Make yourself find ten great qualities that you have. No chickening out! Sit down and make that list. Ask people around you if you really can’t get to ten. Then remind yourself of this list each time you begin to doubt yourself. No one is perfect - we all have things that we struggle with but equally, we all have our strengths.

4. Take Control

Take back control of your feelings. If you put them into another person’s hands then you hand over control. For example, if you think that you’ve only done something well if you receive praise for it, your happiness is at the mercy of someone else! Instead think about what it is that you do that will tell you that you’ve done well. That goes for children too. As a mum, you will hear multiple times that you’re the worst mummy in the world! It’s not true. Decide for yourself what makes a good mum and live by that.

5. Identify The Causes

Take a look at what has an impact on your self esteem. Is there a particular person or activity that tends to bring you down? Once you’ve identified the causes you can begin to make changes so it doesn’t continue.

6. Treat Yourself

When you have little value for yourself you can start thinking that you don’t deserve the nice things in life. I can tell you that you do. Make sure that you take the time to treat yourself to something now and again. It will make you feel better and boost your self esteem.

7. Forgive Yourself

Everyone makes mistakes. Yes, even your mother-in-law. The things we mess up tend to stay with us longer than the things we do well. If you find it hard to forgive yourself, imagine that you were your friend. What would you say to your friend? Now tell yourself the same things and leave the past in the past.

8. Ditch The “Should”

The word “should” is a sign that you are doing something because someone else expects it rather than it being authentic to you. As soon as you find yourself saying or even thinking that word, take a minute to pause and think it through. Is this something that must be done or is it something you WANT to do? Is it part of your conditioning and something you need to move away from? Getting to the real you will boost your self esteem.

9. Spend Time With The Right People

Different people can affect us in varying ways. Sometimes, five minutes with someone can leave you feeling drained of energy and down in the dumps. Make a list of the people that lift you up and leave you feeling more positive. Then, make a conscious effort to spend more time in their company.

10. Take Up A Challenge

There’s nothing better for boosting your self worth than rising to a challenge. It’s important to make it something that will be both enjoyable and achievable. Set yourself a challenge and go for it.

11. Have Fun!

Finally, don’t forget to have fun. There are plenty of things that you do each day that you don’t necessarily enjoy. But making sure there’s an element of fun in every day will make you feel much more positive in general. You’ll begin to see just how much you have to offer the world.

It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you begin. Pick one of the above and give it a go. Which one will you start using?

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