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On a mission to empower a million mums and mumpreneurs just like you - who may be feeling stuck, struggling with self-doubt, fears and overwhelm and would instead like to have greater Confidence, Balance & Clarity along with a resilient Mindset to get out of your own way! Enabling you to create and achieve your Vision of Success in Life and Business, prioritise guilt-free me-time for quality self-care to fulfil your own needs, whilst still being the mum you really want to be!

Being a mum is THE most exciting, rewarding and fulfilling vocation in the world!

Yet, no matter how old your children are, motherhood invokes its own set of challenges, resulting in exhaustion, guilt, self-doubt and uncertainty. By focusing entirely on the needs of your children and juggling your many roles and responsibilities required to run the family home, raise tomorrow's adults, care for elderly relatives and hold down a job or run your own business, you wouldn't be alone in neglecting your own needs, losing sight of yourself as a woman along with any aspirations and life-long goals you held pre-children! Your confidence, self-belief and self-esteem is diminished in the process, you become unsure who you truly are, what you really want and your life can suddenly feel out of control!

If this sounds familiar to you, Empowering Mums & Mumpreneurs offers more than just a coping mechanism. We provide powerful transformational solutions tailored to meet your specific needs through our VIP Coaching Programmes, our unique C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club, our Online Programmes and inspirational eBooks to help you regain control of your life, recapture your inner sparkle and zest for life, enabling you to create an easier, happier life for you, your children and family all whilst running your own successful business.

We endeavour to help mums and mumpreneurs just like yourself gain Confidence, Balance and Clarity to fulfil your capabilities, develop a strong and supportive Mindset for success that enables you to achieve your deepest aspirations and goals across all aspects of your life and business. Enabling you to become a fulfilled and happy woman, pouring from an 'overflowing cup', being a great role model for your children and a fun loving mum your children relish!

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3 Essentials For An Easier, Happier Life!

Essential No 1:     Confidence

Build Your Self-Belief In You & Your Abilities: We all want to perform at our best in life, with our families, socially, in work and in business. The core essential enabling this is your belief in yourself and true confidence in your abilities! A more confident you has the courage and belief to step outside your comfort zone, to experience new opportunities and to wholly enjoy life!

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Essential No 2:     Balance

Establish YOUR Ideal Balance: It is unique to you, has great impact on your level of happiness and very much goes hand in hand with a good level of confidence and awareness! Knowing what’s important to you, prioritising your own self-care as you do others, enables you to pour from an overflowing cup to achieve the equilibrium that works for you and your family!

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Essential No 3:     Clarity

Gain Absolute Clarity On What You Want & Why: By raising your awareness to who you really are, what's truly important to you, what you wholeheartedly want to achieve, along with creating a crystal clear vision broken down into bite sized actionable steps, generates your personalised roadmap to successfully take you exactly where you want to be both in life and in your business!

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1 Underpinning CORE Essential - Your Mindset!

Underpinning Essential: Mindset

Grow A Confident, Resilient Mindset For Success: Where you truly believe you have everything within you to achieve all you desire. Mastering your self-belief and courage to identify and embrace life’s opportunities so you can be, do or have, all you desire for you and your family, across each aspect of your life and business - no matter the terrain of your journey!      

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Visit our Blog today and gain instant access to a vast resource of mum related topics to help you: gain clarity on what it is you really want; create the mindset to achieve it; understand the importance of self-care; prioritise to create your ideal life balance; discover your true motivation; generate the courage to take your first step and beyond; and establish an inner belief that enables you to build your confidence and self-esteem... and so much more! You'll find hundreds of top tips to support you on your journey towards achieving confidence, balance and clarity for an easier, happier life!

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"You have provided me with great tools and amazing support to face anything that comes my way, I feel so strong and positive. Since working with you I have learnt to appreciate my life more and live in the present moment being aware that we do have the choice to change ourselves and our circumstances. Your knowledge and expertise are second to none together with your compassion, generosity and understanding... I always felt elated following our sessions. I thank you very much!!!"

F Guidicotti, Hertfordshire

"Tracey helped me to identify areas in my life which were making me feel so miserable and worthless, then we began to tackle them one by one. The process went at my own pace. As each week went by I was feeling more and more positive and confident, ready to tackle the next step. More importantly from our very first session Tracey put me at ease and I knew I had found somebody that could relate to me, I could trust 100% and didn’t judge me. Now, just four months on since my first session, my life has been completely transformed. My confidence is sky high, I take quality time for myself to do what I enjoy, I have found the job that I always wanted to do and my husband and children have also benefited by having the real me back. I have never been happier and plan new goals with relish!"

Anna Burrow, Cheshire

"It was Christmas, I was in a very low place and my marriage was on the verge of collapse. I had no idea where I was with my life or how to move forward. You helped shed light on aspects of myself that I needed to change that I had no idea about, and inspired me to have the courage to take the necessary action. I now know you can't change what you are not aware of and so I wouldn't have been able to achieve all this on my own. Step forward two years later and this Christmas was a very different story! My marriage is happy and strong, I really enjoy playing with my kids and spending time as a family, the happy stable home is reflecting in the children, the house is calm, stress free and we truly shared the magic of Christmas together - it was so very special! As for my business, there were times I so very nearly gave up but with your support, encouragement and belief in me, I carried on and now have a good business with a great reputation. I have the courage and confidence to excitedly embrace a business start-up in Australia with belief in my ability to succeed. Lastly, the move to Australia... I can honestly say we wouldn't have emigrated if it wasn't for you. I would never have had the courage to move my young family to the other side of the world but for the transformational sessions we had on the subject when I wouldn’t even entertain the idea when my husband suggested it! Those sessions where you opened my eyes to opportunity for both me and my family, were most definitely positively life changing beyond words! Thanks so much Tracey! "

Carrie Alexandra-Peck, Australia

""Every mum should have a Tracey in their life""

Trish Travis, Business Mum of 3 Boys, Staff Recruitment, Oldham

"Tracey was very approachable and professional, obviously highly skilled in her craft. I found our time together very inspiring and eye opening! One of the key things I learned during my coaching with Tracey was "What’s stopping me?" The realisation that YES I could dare dream of what I really wanted to achieve in life and there was only ME preventing myself from achieving it! Tracey enlightened me on occasion to Napolean Hill’s famous quote which resonated with my light bulb moment during my session - ‘whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve’! That session was the turning point, the new me and all I went on to achieve with Tracey’s support and encouragement. It has been very interesting working with someone who directs the conversation so well: keeping me succinctly on track during sessions and, oblivious to me intuitively extracts key points from our conversations to get so quickly to the crux of the challenges I faced. Tracey then painlessly raised my awareness to the causes of certain issues and challenges I was facing, amongst which was the absence of setting clear boundaries and my inability to say no! Thank you so much Tracey for all you have helped me become aware of, the belief I now have in my capabilities to overcome anything and continue to achieve! "

D Foxley, London

"Tracey has supported me to raise my awareness about all the negative thoughts and feelings I had about myself. She helped me identify how they had manifested themselves and, more importantly, enabled me to overcome each of them. I am now able to recognise, embrace and celebrate my strengths and qualities, which has empowered me to become a confident and happy woman. In as little as over two months from my initial consultation, the change is phenomenal. I am confident, my self-esteem has rocketed and I feel empowered to enjoy life again! I now cherish and look forward to quality family time and, as a direct result, have a much closer bond with my son. "

Jo Bulbrook, Cheshire

"Things had reached a really low point. I just seemed to be existing from day to day, feeling trapped and lonely as a stay-at-home mum. My confidence was at an all-time low and my marriage was suffering as a result. I saw positive results with Tracey almost immediately in every aspect of my life. A major breakthrough for me was challenging my previously held negative beliefs and working on overcoming negative thoughts. Having read numerous self-help books and tried counselling, I can honestly say Tracey's coaching is the only thing that has given me proven and lasting results. It has been worth every penny and has given me my life back. I now have a happy, balanced family life and once again I feel my life has direction and meaning. I look forward to the future with excitement rather than despair."

R Long, Hertfordshire

"My coaching sessions with Tracey helped to increase my self-esteem and gave me the confidence to create a successful business. With Tracey’s support, I established weekly goals and action plans, which encouraged and motivated me to take one step at a time to overcome the challenges I faced. Tracey helped me to look beyond my issues. Instead, she empowered me to establish solutions to them. I now fully believe I can overcome any obstacle, which was something I previously thought impossible. My business has continued to grow and, as a direct result of my time with Tracey, my client base has doubled! I am really pleased with the positive impact and success that coaching with Tracey has achieved. Following this life-changing experience, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Empowering Mums! "

E Gaunt, Wirral, Reform-Therapy

"Tracey has helped me overcome the various problems in my life, resulting from lack of confidence that were threatening my marriage, both skilfully and with tact using various techniques. What she enabled me to do was control my mind, eradicate negative thoughts as well as more “hands-on” techniques to cope with the demands of being a mother to young children and a housewife. I regained control of my life. The effect on me has been amazing: I am a much happier person, confident and outgoing. In turn, my marriage is now strong again and my children happy. We all talk and share the ups and downs of life together as a unit once more. I am now in a very good position to cope with any challenge as they arise whilst maintaining a happy, confident and secure home life for everyone.”"

T Jackson, Singapore

"I have found my coaching sessions hugely empowering and beneficial. I’ve made huge ground in building my confidence and self-esteem following a bout of stress-related depression. I’m doing things now I’d never have dreamt possible. I feel healthy, confident and finally in control of my life and in the direction it’s heading. I now live in a way that fully reflects what I value in life, which has given me great peace within. Tracey, you are a great listener and I have found you really easy to talk to. You have been empathetic and supportive every step of the way and I couldn’t have achieved my goals without you. Thank you! "

G Stanley, Cheshire

"My life felt like a complete mess, I was stressed and depressed, everything seemed too difficult, I wasn't living the life I wanted or being the person I wanted to be. I felt stuck and couldn't see a way out. Contacting Empowering Mums turned out to be the best decision I could have made. Now I look back and feel so proud of what I've achieved. With Tracey's belief in me, encouragement and support things started to change. I have more confidence, greater belief in myself and stopped being concerned with the opinions of others. My whole outlook is a lot more positive and as a direct result I'm experience good things in my life. Tracey helped me focus inwards and realise that I have the power to achieve anything in life. I feel happier and more in control of my life, my husband expresses he sees a real positive change in me, more relaxed and fun to be with. I enjoy quality time with my children and my business is starting to take off. I look forward with excitement"

N Newark, Surrey

"Following each coaching session with Tracey I felt energised, inspired and clear about my next steps. Tracey helped to raise my awareness of the causes of my doubts and helped me overcome these limiting beliefs. My confidence and self-belief soared as our coaching relationship progressed. I completed my action plans each week, which incorporated activities I would never have dreamt I could achieve! Thanks to Tracey’s coaching techniques, I have successfully established my business and am attracting clients. With the support of Empowering Mumpreneurs, I have the confidence to grow my business and achieve my goal as a successful mumpreneur!"

K Edwards, Warrington

"I was feeling extremely overwhelmed at facing so many personal and challenging obstacles with my new business that I was at the point of giving up. Working with Empowering Mumpreneurs helped me identify my problem very early on. I had no clear direction or business plan in place and, as a result I did not know how to move forward. My confidence had taken a huge knock. With Tracey’s guidance, support and endless encouragement I created a strong vision and strategy of what I wanted to achieve with a well formulated and effective business plan, which I updated as I progressed forward. My belief in my own abilities and self-confidence have grown beyond recognition. I feel I can achieve whatever I want for my business and now know how to overcome any hurdles along the way. Thanks Tracey, you successfully saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life: I didn’t give up! "

J Hindley, Lancashire

"Due to the learning disability, mental health issues and negative experiences of social services, my client was very reluctant to engage with traditional services because of a lack of trust which was to a large extent justified. The approach offered to her before you became involved had not been delivered in a way that worked for her. As you were able to offer a fresh perspective and work with her in a creative, flexible and person-centred way, you were able to challenge some of the limiting, ingrained thoughts and beliefs she held about herself and were able to make considerable inroads into her way of thinking. Although our work together was time limited, your work with my client enabled me to continue to work with my client with a new approach and this has benefited her greatly. Thank you for your willingness to work with me on this case, your commitment and dedication made all the difference to my client and also to my practice too!"

Sue O'Neill, Social Worker, Cheshire West & Chester Council

"I've spent seven years questioning why I wasn’t happy and enjoying life having two beautiful children, a husband who was so supportive and a beautiful home. You’ll never know what a huge relief it was for me hearing I was actually ‘quite normal’ and what I was experiencing was quite common amongst mums! Using many of the tools and exercises shared, I discovered my career was the problem, as it meant long hours away from my family. It was taking me away from where I really wanted to be. With Tracey's help and support, I have recently become self-employed, establishing my own accountancy business; doing the same work I enjoyed in my career but working hours to suit me and my family. I now enjoy greater flexibility, proving key in enabling me to spend as much time as I can nurturing my young family yet still fulfilling my needs to stretch myself through my work. I can’t tell you how much more fulfilled I feel as a mum, a wife and a business owner."

J Nichols, Surrey

"Before the complimentary session I was stuck in cycle of negative thoughts and this was affecting my family in a negative way. Tracey helped raise my awareness that I was focusing on everyone else and what they were doing. I worked on my action plan and began focusing on me and what I could do and began to achieve the results I wanted. My sister noticed I was focusing on what was really important in my life and acknowledged the progress I had made. I also planned a lovely surprise for my husband because I wanted to show my appreciation to him for the support he has shown me. I would highly recommend Tracey as she gets to the crux of what is blocking your progress. "

G Bhatia, Cornwall

"When I first contacted Tracey I had lost all confidence in myself and felt that I had totally lost my identity. With Tracey’s support I was able to regain my direction in life and gain back my confidence. Tracey is an excellent listener and really helped me to sort through issues to enable me to move forward with my life. I feel like a different person to who I was a year ago. With Tracey’s support I have also started up my own business utilising my creative flair and passion, something I would never have dared dream! "

R Driscoll, Cheshire, Becky By Design

"I am so proud I plucked up the courage to join CLASSIE Mums! It gave me a much needed confidence boost and did wonders for my self-belief and self-esteem. I have always felt overwhelmed by how much I have to do and consumed by stress and guilt about constantly juggling everything. With CLASSIE, I realised I was trying to please everyone else, resulting in a life balance that was anything but, and negatively impacted on every member of my family. With your help, support and wonderful techniques, I can now identify my priorities and what is important to my core values. Decision-making is suddenly very easy, as I now know what I want for my family and me, and I have finally achieved my ideal life balance! Of course there are times when life goes a little awry but I know exactly how to get it back on track. Thank you for showing me how to create such inner peace and happiness, and enabling me to be a fun mum who enjoys life once again! "

T Saunders, Woking

"Clutter was holding me back from my vision of a perfect home. One of the major impacts of clutter was on my relationship with my husband. It was driving him mad effecting his "Chi" and so I was constantly feeling guilty and disorganised. Clutter was dragging me down. There are SO many things I have learnt from this ‘21 Days To Free Your Space & Mind’ program. Number 1 Learn - is that it’s OK to get rid of clutter! Give yourself permission. Let it go. Relinquishing my clutter gave me a very strong sense of clarity. A huge weight lifted. It allowed me more space mentally and physically in my life. AMAZING. The program shared so many great tools, techniques and exercises that were so simple but really effective. You can walk away with these in your pocket implementing them forever as daily habits to maintain your clutter-free home and mind! "

L Middleton, Devon, Golden Bear Belts

"Thank you for your encouragement and warm welcome. I do not have children although I am a champion for children’s advocacy programs. After purchasing your insightful and easy to follow step by step Decluttering: Clear Your Space, Clear Your mind Self Study Guide, I started by clearing my desk, sorting, throwing out and dealing with matters expediently then filing necessary paperwork in a tidy and organised manner. My office feels so much more conducive to efficient productivity and I feel fabulous and have great clarity as a direct result. Thank you for your expertise and encouragement."

J Porter, Staffordshire

"I came to Tracey with what I thought was a problem with my teenage daughter. Our relationship was problematic and distant. My coaching relationship lasted six months and I can honestly say I found every session beneficial and worthwhile. Tracey quickly ascertained from our discussions an issue from my past I needed to deal with as subconsciously it was having a major impact on my relationship with my daughter. Tracey very professionally and gently raised my awareness to this issue, although it was very challenging for me to deal with, Tracey supported and encouraged every tiny step forward in my progress to achievement. I now have a much deeper bond and closer relationship with my daughter of which I’m proud. "

H Burrows, Cheshire

"I think 'How To Find More Time: for busy mums' e-Book is wonderful…it has it all. It is clearly set out so you can do one chunk of it at a time and it has lovely visuals to support the clear concise text. Always a winner when you don’t have hours to read. Tracey immediately cuts beneath the superficial and tells you not just what to do but why and how (always a help). As she says ‘you don’t have time not to do this’ if you want to become someone who gets it all done with little effort and manages to enjoy their own quality time! Oh I so want that to be me! Tracey tells you how to set achievable goals and work towards them. She talks about breaking them down in bite size tasks and putting them in your diary. She is all about dreams to reality. Whilst this sounded great I just kept thinking but where’s the extra time going to come from? Well she tackles this too and addresses the value of time, prioritising time and doing away with the non-essential time wasters (twitter addiction any one!). I don’t want to give away all the gems of support and ideas that is this fabulous 54 page ebook and all the templates for lists and audits involved. So I’m not going to say much more except that I truly think these are very workable ideas. So far today I have online shopped, cleared the fridge ready, painted with my kids, written this post, listened to my husband play guitar, tidied the bedrooms and scheduled my week and its only 10.30. My diary is full for the week of me time plus essentials and a few goal driven activities. I feel serene organised and in charge. (unusual for me!) Time management, ways to increase rest time and decluttering ideas are all included. What a fab e-book and what an excellent use of my time reading it! Thanks Tracey."

B Goddard-Hill, Baby Budgeting

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