7 Steps to greater Confidence, Awareness, Life-balance AND growing a resilient Mindset for Success in achieving all you desire!

For You, Your Family, In Your Life And In Your Business!

Maybe you wish...

You had the confidence in your abilities and the belief in yourself to become the very best version of you, to perform at your best in life, with your family, socially, in work and in business.

To have the courage to step outside your comfort zone and experience new opportunities, enabling you to achieve all you desire in your life, your business and to wholly enjoy every step of the journey!

Perhaps you want...

To establish your ideal life-balance - a balance that is unique to you, has great impact on your level of happiness and very much goes hand in hand with having a good level of confidence!

To know what's important to you, to prioritise your own self-care as you do others, to feel re-energised enabling you to pour from an overflowing cup and to achieve the equilibrium that works for you and your family!

Or maybe you'd like to...

Understand who you really are, what's truly important to you and identify what you wholeheartedly want to achieve for you, your family and in your life and business!

Raising your awareness to create a crystal clear vision broken down into bite-sized actionable steps - your personalised roadmap to successfully take you exactly where you want to be both in life and in your business!

But there's just one thing holding you back...

Right now you don't know how to make that your reality! You feel you've researched and tried every feasible external solution, yet still you're stuck no matter what you try to learn! Aaarrgghh!

So let us reassure you, you're not alone!

Being a mum or mumpreneurs is not easy. There’s the constant juggling of your roles and responsibilities, the feelings of guilt because getting the balance right seems impossible and the exhaustion that never seems to go away.

Many mums and mumpreneurs that I speak to, feel lonely, isolated and unsupported. No one else understands the unique challenges and difficulties you face, except of course a fellow mum!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could step off the fast treadmill that is your current life and find some space to just stop and think? Imagine what it would be like to take some invaluable time-out for you on a regular basis and focus on the things you really want to achieve instead of the things you feel you ‘should' be doing!

Over The Last 10 Years...

Tracey has helped thousands of mums and mumpreneurs to transform their lives and businesses, along with her own! Through C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club she has the platform to share her '7 Essential Steps' critical to achieving YOUR own transformation!

Because here's the thing...


Do you ever find yourself:

  • Worrying about the “what ifs” and “guilt” that constantly keep you stuck?
  • Stressed and anxious over what others might think, instead of doing what’s right for you?
  • Held back by the same old recurring obstacles such as fear of failure?
  • Struggling with self-doubt and indecision, not believing you’re good enough, clever enough…?
  • Exhausted, overwhelmed juggling your many roles and responsibilities with no time for you?
  • Stuck, telling yourself you’ve tried everything, yet you’re still not where you want to be?
  • Where success always seems to be somewhere in the future, you just need to do…. first?


If you do, then we'd love to help you:

  • Take control of your present and future, leaving the past firmly where it belongs
  • Develop your self-worth and self-belief, recognising your infinite capabilities already lie within
  • Have the confidence and courage to achieve anything you want both in life and in business
  • Identify your true passion and purpose, taking consistent action towards achieving what you really want
  • Discover your “reason why”, motivating yourself to keep taking the necessary daily steps
  • Develop your resilience, enabling you to keep going, despite life’s curveballs
  • Create the mindset and inner strength that enables you to achieve the success you desire and deserve

This isn't just a pipe dream...

With a confident, resilient mindset...

This is how our clients now live their lives each day. You see, having worked through the ‘Inner Success Path’ of C.A.L.M. MUMS Members’ Club they now know the '7 Proven Steps' to their continuing success lie much closer to home!

As such, they prioritise implementing these 'inner' solutions daily to quickly and easily resolve challenges as they arise, helping to maintain a strong, resilient and confident mindset. Each believes they can be, do or have anything they desire and understands one crucial determining factor:

Unless you develop your ‘inner’ challenges, you will always get stuck in the same place, no matter what you try to do!

So what is C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club?

C.A.L.M. MUMS Members’ Club is a unique, two-phase online platform and supportive community of like-minded mums and mumpreneurs that grows with you. Created to provide you the expertise, proven resources and successful solutions, that will help and support you.

This members' club will bring out the very best in you. No longer will you have to struggle alone to figure it all out, or stay stuck whilst opportunities and life pass you by or constantly beat yourself up telling yourself you’re not good enough or clever enough…

Behind every successful mum, is a tribe of other successful mums who have her back!

 What's REALLY getting in YOUR way?

Along the way you too will realise that as mums, we often focus on the ‘external’ challenges that we face - how can I get my “to do” list completed, feed the children something healthy, start or even grow my business, network with a room full of strangers…?’

When all along the real solution has been right under our nose but often ignored - developing and overcoming our ‘inner’ challenges - for example a lack of confidence, not having the belief or courage to embrace opportunities, fears of getting something wrong, not feeling good enough or feeling like a failure...!

C.A.L.M. MUMS Members’ Club will change all that empowering you with solutions tailored for 'whole person' growth - helping you overcome BOTH your 'inner' and 'external' challenges!


Over the last 10 years... 

Helping and supporting mums and mumpreneurs, we’ve established there’s a common thread! One that holds you back from achieving all you desire and deserve in your life and in your business!

Have you ever been on a course, attended a ‘how to…’ webinar or read self-development books expecting to be able to immediately implement the knowledge gained and just do it? But instead, you find yourself still stuck and failing to implement anything?

That’s the common obstacle we've identified amongst all our VIP Clients we've worked with over the years! It's your ‘inner’ challenges - preventing you fulfilling and achieving what you really want despite having gained the external knowledge.


The solutions to our challenges lie in our 'blind spot'! If we don't know what's broken, how can we possibly fix it by ourselves? However, with help and support we are inspired and empowered to achieve the success we desire and much more beyond!

"My life felt like a complete mess, I was stressed and feeling quite depressed, everything seemed difficult and I wasn't living the life I wanted or being the person I wanted to be. I felt stuck, I couldn't see a way out. Now I can look back and be so proud of the difference I have made to my life. With Tracey's belief in me, encouragement and support things started to change. I now have more confidence and self-esteem, I have more belief in myself and have stopped being concerned with the opinions of others. My whole outlook on life is a lot more positive and as a result I am starting to experience good things in my life. Tracey has helped me focus inwards and realise that I have the power to improve my life. I am now feeling happier and more in control of my life, my husband told me that he can see a positive change in me and that I'm more relaxed and fun now. I spend quality time with my children and my business is starting to take off. "

N Newark, Surrey

""Tracey helped me to identify the areas in my life which were making me feel so miserable and worthless and then we began to tackle them one by one. The process went at my own pace and felt like a natural progression, as each week went by I was feeling more and more positive and confident, ready to tackle the next step. More importantly right from connecting with Trace, she put me at ease and I knew that I had found somebody that could relate to me, that I could trust 100% and didn’t judge me. Now, just over four months on my life has been completely transformed. My confidence is sky high, I have more quality time for myself to do what I enjoy, I have found the job that I have always wanted to do and my husband and children have also benefited by having the real me back. I have never been happier and plan new goals with relish!""

A Burrows, Cheshire

"I’ve been a member of this group for over a month now and love having a community of incredible, like-minded mums I can connect with. The workbooks have been invaluable in helping me develop my knowledge and understanding of how my mindset determines my outcomes and results! The penny has finally dropped! I now know what I have learnt will make a huge difference moving forward in how I approach all aspects of my life and business as a direct result of what I have learnt so far in this group! There is so much information out there on the internet but I can’t tell you how much time and energy it has saved me having everything I need all in one place, especially as a busy working mum."

J Davies, Cardiff

Why 'C.A.L.M.'?

The Inner Success Path very much focuses on the INNER WHAT and HOW, helping you to develop your inner personal growth critical to your achievements and success. If you want to achieve the changes you crave for you and your family, to achieve all you desire in life and business, then you must embrace the four core foundations into your everyday habits:

Confidence and belief in yourself and your abilities to embrace life's opportunities as they arise! A level of self-assurance to value your authentic unique self and overcome any past 'conditioning' to free yourself from your fears and move forward!

Awareness of your passion and purpose, understanding who you are now, along with gaining clarity on where you would like to be across aspects of your life and business, and establishing WHY! A step that is often missed yet essential for building true motivation and decisiveness!

Life-Balance that is ideal for you and your family, aligned with your core values and aspirations, to enable you to live a life you love! A self-care plan in place that ensures you consistently pour from an overflowing cup. Enjoying life and being the mum you really want to be!

Mindset that is strong, supportive and enhances your resilience and determination. One where you truly believe you have everything within you to achieve all you desire. Enabling you to be, do or have all you desire no matter the terrain of your journey!

Regardless of where you are in your life, in your business, or what challenges you're going through right now, you absolutely need continual personal development and growth, a proven stepped success plan, and expert guidance to achieve the extraordinary life you desire and deserve much quicker and easier than going it alone. And, on top of all that, access to a community of friendly, supportive, like-minded mums who care about your success as much as they do their own, making the whole journey together that much more enjoyable and fun!

Before reading on, know this...

C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club is uniquely different from what's out there - and it creates transformational results like no other that you've seen or experienced before! It's unique in that we don't just provide the 'external' WHAT like so many that leave you still stuck! As a priority we provide you all the crucial help and support of the 'INNER WHAT and HOW' too, enabling your continuing progress, achievements and success!

What is SO unique about C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club?

As already mentioned, it’s a two-phase online platform combining everything you need, both the WHAT and the HOW, all the support and solutions throughout your membership journey with C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club.

Phase One

Is a step-by-step proven Inner Success Path system of monthly Masterclasses to get you 'unstuck', to develop and maximise your ‘inner’ personal growth enabling you to achieve greater confidence, awareness and life-balance PLUS a strong resilient mindset for success.

Upon completion you will have a confident mindset and the belief you have everything within you to succeed at anything you set your mind to, with total trust you have the resilience to overcome any challenge you encounter along your path!

Phase Two

Consists of two core Mastery Elements purposefully designed to support your continuing mastery of your ‘inner’ development, along with mastering your ‘external' growth. All via monthly bite-sized Masterclasses providing all the knowledge, resources and solutions you’ll ever need to achieve all you desire and deserve in your life and in your business. Your catalogue of Masterclasses building month on month with you!


What else can you expect?

There is a whole range of Member Resources and Support to successfully help you identify and overcome any challenges you encounter, freeing you from fear, indecision and self-doubt along with all the support of your exclusive C.A.L.M. MUMS Community cheering you on and celebrating your successes!

It truly is the best of both worlds. You’ll become part of a fun and highly supportive online community of like-minded mums and mumpreneurs sharing common challenges, goals and aspirations. We teach you how to embrace being a ‘C.A.L.M. MUM’, help you implement what you learn, enable you to identify what you really want and understand why – crucial to maintaining your motivation when faced with life’s curveballs.

We help you create and fulfil your vision, outline and achieve your true aspirations which enables you to enjoy the success you deserve both in life and in business. And all this whilst ensuring quality time out for your own self-care, alongside enjoying being the mum you really want to be!

"I had no idea where I was with my life or how to move forward. Tracey helped shed light on aspects of myself that I needed to change that I had no idea about, and inspired me to have the courage to take the necessary action to achieve such change. I now know you can't change what you're not aware of, so I know I wouldn't have been able to achieve all of this on my own! It was Christmas when I first got in touch, I was in a very low place and my marriage was on the verge of collapse. Step forward two years later and this Christmas was a very different story! My marriage is happy and strong, I really enjoy playing with the kids and spending time as a family, the happy stable home is reflecting in the children, the house is calm, stress free and we truly shared the magic of Christmas together - it was so very special! "

C Alexandra-Peck, Australia

"As for my business, there were times over the past few years that I nearly gave up but with Tracey's support, encouragement and belief in me, I carried on and now have a good little business with a great reputation! This gave me the courage and confidence to excitedly embrace a business start-up in Australia with belief in my ability to succeed. Which leads me on to the move to Australia... the biggest thing is, I can honestly say that we wouldn't have emigrated if it wasn't for Tracey. I would never have had the courage to move my family to the other side of the world if it wasn't for Tracey and the transformational session we had on the subject, when I wouldn’t even entertain the idea when my husband suggested it! That session where she opened my eyes to opportunity for both me and my family, was most definitely positively life changing beyond words! Thank you so much Tracey!"

C Alexandra-Peck, Australia

"I was feeling extremely overwhelmed at facing so many personal and challenging obstacles with my new business that I was at the point of giving up. Working with Tracey soon helped me identify my problem very early on. I had no clear direction or business plan in place and, as a result I did not know how to move forward. My confidence had taken a huge knock. With Tracey’s guidance, support and endless encouragement we worked on my inner challenges to develop my confidence and belief in me and in my abilities! I created a strong vision and strategy of what I wanted to achieve with a well formulated, stepped and effective business plan, which I updated as I progressed. My belief in my abilities and my self-confidence have grown beyond recognition. I feel I can achieve whatever I want for my business and now know how to overcome any hurdles along the way. Thanks Tracey, you successfully saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life: I didn’t give up on my business!"

J Hindley, Lancashire

If you want to be in control of your life and defining your success on your terms... 

Then our C.A.L.M. MUMS Members’ Club has been purposefully created for you! It gives you the same transformational experience our VIP clients enjoy but at a mere fraction of the investment!


You'll gain the additional benefit of that vital key to success, an abundance of 24/7 support from many other mums and mumpreneurs just like you, as well as from Tracey within our exclusive and private C.A.L.M. MUMS Members’ Community. You really are no longer alone, being fully supported every step of the way!


"For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather; to cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one totters down, to strengthen one whilst one stands!" Christina Rossetti

Sounds just like what I need!

Tell me more... what’s included?
  • Instant Access to your 7 Step Inner Success Path
  • Tried, Tested and Proven Member Resources and Support
  • Monthly Masterclasses to support your Growth and Success
  • Ready-made supportive Community of like-minded mums
  • Live Weekly Q & A sessions
  • Option to cancel your membership at any time
  • 30-day refund period enabling you to experience it for yourself, 100% risk-free on us!



When you step inside C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club...

Here's what you'll get access to over the duration of your membership:

Inner Success Path

A 7 Step inner development journey guiding you through the five foundational stages critical to your continuing success!

Supportive Community

Access to not only your fellow members who’ll have your back, but also Tracey too. A ready-made, inspirational and fun community!

Resources & Support

A centre brimming with a wide range of helpful, interactive resources and ongoing help and support for its members - all in one place!

Inner Mastery

You're powerful beyond measure and have infinite capabilities within you. Your Inner Personal Growth is paramount to your success!

External Mastery

Having mastered the concept of your Inner personal growth, you're now in a great place to identify 'external' challenges and solutions!

Monthly Masterclasses

Categorised within core elements, step-by-step learning supported by actionable worksheets to help you implement bite-sized changes!


Live Q & A Sessions where you can get your questions answered getting the help and support you need, enabling you to get unstuck!

Member Only Specials!

As a member of C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club you will receive an exclusive discount code, yours to use as often as you like!

1:1 Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to apply to gain access to Tracey and the many benefits of her 1:1 support tailored to your specific needs!

Everything inside your Members' Club is designed to help you grow a confident, resilient mindset for success, empowering you to achieve all you desire both in your life and in your business, for you and your family!

Here's how you'll benefit from this unique Members' Club!

When you have a clear focus, step by step plan and ongoing support... positive results come very quickly!

Your biggest goal right now is to get unstuck and get crystal clear on what it is you specifically want to achieve and how! Which is exactly what C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club will help you achieve month on month throughout the duration of your membership so...


You will gain greater…

  • Confidence and self-belief
  • Awareness, clarity and motivation
  • Life-balance and time for you
  • Mindset resilience and ease

In order to…

  • Embrace life’s opportunities to live an extraordinary life
  • Identify what you really want, why you want it and how you’ll benefit
  • Free up time for your own self-care enabling you to pour from an overflowing cup
  • Confidently hold the belief, you have everything within you to achieve anything you want

So you have less…

  • Guilt, self-doubt and fear
  • Uncertainty, worry and procrastination
  • Overwhelm, exhaustion and resentment
  • Indecision, anxiety and stress

Now, just pause for a moment…

Use this moment to step back, reflect and ask yourself, what could you achieve for you, your family, in your life and business if there were no barriers to your achievements and success?

If you made the decision here and now to grasp this golden opportunity to up-level you, your life and business through your personal growth in each of these areas? To whole-heartedly embrace accessing this level of support, resource and tools along with a community of like-minded mums who each have your back and are willing to encourage your success?

Mind blowing isn’t it?


The successes clients have achieved have been nothing short of transformational for them, their families, their lives and their businesses!

"Tracey has supported me to raise my awareness about all the negative thoughts and feelings I held about myself. She helped me identify how they had manifested themselves and, more importantly, enabled me to overcome each of them. I am now able to recognise, embrace and celebrate my strengths and qualities, which has empowered me to become a confident and happy woman. In as little as over two months, the change is phenomenal. I am confident, my self-esteem has rocketed and I feel empowered to enjoy life again! I now cherish and look forward to quality family time and, as a direct result, have a much closer bond with my son."

J Bulbrook, Cheshire

"It has been great to have an unbiased, non-judgemental sounding board and be able to take time out to talk about me and my life. Tracey is a good listener! She has enabled me to gain focus and direction, whereas previously I went rushing throughout the day not knowing where my time was spent between school runs. With her support and encouragement, I now have the ability to structure my days to fit in tasks without rushing and feeling overwhelmed. I now enjoy more quality time with my children. Thank you! "

L Roberts, Cheshire

"Working with Tracey helped to increase my self-esteem and gave me the confidence to create a successful business. With Tracey’s support, I established weekly goals and action plans, which encouraged and motivated me to take one step at a time to overcome the challenges I faced. Tracey empowered me to establish the solutions to them. I now fully believe I can overcome any obstacles, which was something I previously thought impossible. My business has continued to grow and, as a direct result of working with Tracey, my client base has doubled! I am really pleased with the positive impact and success that Tracey has helped me to achieve. Following this life-changing experience, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Tracey!"

E Gaunt, Wirral

You too can experience this transformation!

C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club will show you exactly how to learn and implement the 7 Proven Steps through the 5 foundational stages of the Inner Success Path to achieve the greater C.A.L.M. ease, happiness and success you desire!

The Masterclasses created for Mums and Mumpreneurs, the Live Q & A sessions,  and all the unconditional support, provides everything you need to never feel stuck or alone again!

No more indecision, guilt or self doubt and an end to struggling how to work it all out by yourself!

We've designed it in such a way that whether you're a mum, a stay at home mum, working mum, empty nest mum or indeed a mumpreneur - it will have everything you need to achieve greater C.A.L.M. empowering you to achieve all you desire and deserve for you, your family, your life and your business - to design your unique version of success, ease and happiness

Just to recap what's included!

Over the duration of your membership you'll get:
  • Instant Access to your 7 Step Inner Success Path
  • Tried, Tested and Proven Member Resources and Support
  • Monthly Masterclasses to support your Growth and Success
  • Ready-made supportive Community of like-minded mums
  • Live Weekly Q & A sessions
  • Option to cancel your membership at any time
  • 30-day refund period enabling you to experience it for yourself, 100% risk-free on us!



Decide NOW to come and join us!


Is this right for me?

If you’re sitting there thinking, “Is it right for me? Can it really help me achieve what I want? What if I don’t know what I really want...?”

Well, let’s be totally honest! It’s hard to give a cast iron guarantee when we know nothing about you yet, nor the specific challenges you’re facing or your aspirations of what you want to achieve…

However, what we can absolutely say for certain is C.A.L.M. MUMS Members’ Club was created from identifying the unique set of core challenges and obstacles often faced on a daily basis by the thousands of mums and mumpreneurs we’ve worked with over the last ten years, along with all the tools and resources used to overcome them.

The proof is in the pudding, each and every client succeeded in achieving all they desired and much more besides!


Is there any guarantee it will work for me too?

We guarantee C.A.L.M. MUMS Members’ Club provides all the help and support you need, the cheerleading community, the expertise and solutions, and step-by-step guidance when you learn and implement the masterclasses packaged within!

It is relevant to all mums, whether in business or not, wanting to be finally free of your inner obstacles keeping you stuck and held back from achieving the life you desire and deserve! What we provide and share within C.A.L.M. MUMS Members’ Club has a 100% success rate amongst our clients to date spanning the last 10 years - and it will do for you too!

Get started Today, 100% Risk-Free...

You have a full 30 day no-quibble money back guarantee period from enrolment, enabling you to experience all the benefits of a full 30 days membership for yourself!

Post guarantee period, you also have the option to cancel your membership anytime within your membership portal.

Enrolment Closes 7th April Until Summer 2019

Enrolment to C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club closes soon! Doors open periodically just 2-3 times a year for just 9 Days each time - so be sure not to miss out! This ensures as a member you are fully supported by us throughout the duration of your membership, right from the second you join us!









Just TWO FINAL SURPRISES to help YOU decide...

A Special 2019 Founding Member Double Offer!

Firstly... a super offer of just £0.63 per day to get unstuck enabling you to achieve the life and business you desire?
  • By becoming a 2019 Founding ‘C.A.L.M. MUMS Club’ Member, your monthly subscription is an affordable and accessible 2019 super special rate of just £19 a month - yes you read correctly £19, a mere 63p a day!
  • Saving you £180 over the year on the full membership rate of £34 a month
  • You can save a further £38 when you opt to join as an Annual Founding Member for £190 for the year, receiving 12 months membership for the price of 10 months at the founding rate!
  • These offers are LIMITED TO THIS LAUNCH and will NEVER be repeated!
  • Not only are we offering you these very special 2019 founding rate options above - we will also fix your rate for the life-time of your membership no matter which special founding rate option you choose - woohoo!  

Come and join us inside C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club by selecting your preferred Founding Member special offer...

FOR 9 DAYS ONLY: Special Founding Member Rate For The Lifetime Of Your Membership!

Founding Member


PER MONTH instead of £34

Save £15 per month!

C.A.L.M. MUMS very special 2019 launch rate is equivalent to just 63 per day! Incredible value!


Founding Member


PER YEAR instead of £340

SAVE £218 per year!

Receive 12 months membership for the price of 10 months at the very special 2019 launch rate - equiv 52p per day!


So... It's decision time!

You already made the decision that this year is going to be different. You established you can’t carry on like this, it may be a small doubt or an overwhelming feeling of knowing something just has to change this time!

You might not even know what needs to change but you do know that you want something different. You may feel deeply unhappy or just a little unsettled but you know that you’re not going to be entirely happy if things continue the way they are now.

As mums, we usually end up thinking about the impact on those around us rather than our own happiness. We might even start telling ourselves that we’re being selfish, we don’t deserve it, that we should be happy with what we have now and that wanting something different for ourselves is greedy and thoughtless.

However, niggling away in the back of your mind, is the regret you felt from previous missed opportunities and knowing that there is never a perfect time to begin… you just have to start by making the decision to take that first baby step and then the next!


Enrolment to C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club CLOSES midnight Sunday 7th April 2019, without exception!

Intrigue or something else has got you this far. Your next step is to embrace becoming a member and moving towards achieving the change you desire because you know that to get a different outcome, you’ve got to do things differently!

This year is going to be your year and having read this far down this page we whole-heartedly believe you mean business!


And, with enrolment open for a limited time, what are you waiting for…?    

"Tracey is very approachable, highly skilled in her craft and our time together so very inspiring! One of the key things I learned was "What’s stopping me?" The realisation of YES I could dare dream of what I really wanted to achieve in life and there was only ME preventing myself from achieving it! Tracey enlightened me to Napolean Hill’s famous quote which resonated with me, ‘whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve’! That session was the turning point, the new me and all I went on to achieve with Tracey’s support and encouragement. It's been fascinating working with someone who keeps me succinctly on track during sessions and, oblivious to me intuitively extracts key points from our conversations to get so quickly to the crux of my challenges. Tracey helped raise my awareness to causes of certain challenges, amongst which was the absence of setting clear boundaries and my inability to say no! Thank you so much Tracey for the belief I now have in my capabilities to achieve whatever I want!"

D Foxley, London

"Tracey helped me overcome the various problems in my life, stemming from a lack of confidence that were threatening my marriage, both skilfully and with tact using various techniques. What she enabled me to do was control my mind, eradicate negative thoughts as well as more “hands-on” techniques to cope with the demands of being a mother to young children and a housewife. I have finally regained control of my life. The effect on me has been amazing: I am a much happier person, confident and outgoing. In turn, my marriage is now strong again and my children happy. We all talk and share the ups and downs of life together as a unit once more. I am now in a very good position to cope with any challenge as they arise whilst maintaining a happy, confident and secure home life for everyone.” "

T Jackson, Singapore

"Things had reached a really low point. I just seemed to be existing from day to day, feeling trapped and lonely as a stay-at-home mum. My confidence was at an all-time low and my marriage was suffering as a result. I saw positive results with Tracey almost immediately in every aspect of my life. A major breakthrough for me was challenging my previously held negative beliefs and working on overcoming negative thoughts. Having read numerous self-help books and tried counselling, I can honestly say wiorking with Tracey is the only thing that has given me proven and lasting results. It has been worth every penny and has given me my life back. I now have a happy, balanced family life and once again I feel my life has direction and meaning. I look forward to the future with excitement rather than despair!"

R Long, Hertfordshire

"I seem to have spent the past seven years questioning why I wasn’t happy and enjoying life having had two beautiful children, a husband who was so supportive and a beautiful home. You’ll never know what a huge relief it was for me hearing I was actually ‘quite normal’ and what I was experiencing was quite common amongst mums. Using many of the tools and exercises within this members' group, I discovered my career was the problem, as it meant long hours away from my family. It was taking me away from where I really wanted to be. With Tracey's help and support, I have recently become self-employed by establishing my own accountancy business; doing the same work I enjoyed in my career but working hours to suit my family and me. I now enjoy greater flexibility, which has proved key in enabling me to spend as much time as I can nurturing my young family yet still fulfilling my need to stretch myself through my work. I can’t tell you how much more fulfilled I feel as a mum, a wife and a business owner!"

J Nichols, Surrey

Frequently Asked Questions

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The full membership Fee is £34 a month.

However for nine days only, by becoming a 2019 Founding ‘C.A.L.M. MUMS Club’ Member, your monthly subscription is very affordable and accessible for mums and mumpreneurs at a very special 2019 launch rate of just £19 a month - a mere 63p a day!

Saving you £180 over the course of the year on the full membership rate of £34 a month!

Your first payment for C.A.L.M. MUMS Club is taken on the day you enrol, and payments are billed on 1st of every month thereafter!

Yes you do have the option to choose a rolling Annual Membership and receive two months FREE.

By doing so you will receive 12 months membership for the rate of 10 month's membership saving you £38 on the monthly option at the founding rate!

Your first Annual Membership  payment for C.A.L.M. MUMS Club is taken on the day you enrol, with subsequent annual payments taken on the anniversary of your enrolment!

No, we welcome you to join us from wherever you are in the world.

This is an EXCLUSIVE ONE-TIME ONLY Founding Launch Special Offer for just 9 Days during the enrolment period.

With the help of our founding members we want to fine-tune all elements of our C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club.

Offering a special founding rate for the life time of their membership is our way of rewarding them for their support!

Post founding launch period, membership will resume its full rate of £34/month.

The people who gain the greatest benefit from C.A.L.M. MUMS Club are those who truly understand that if they want something different to what they currently have in their life and/or business, then they need to do something different in order to get the outcome they are looking to achieve!

It's for those who want to be more present with their children to be the mum they really want to be whilst still fulfilling their own personal aspirations.

It's for those who want to move away from the overwhelm, guilt and stress of daily life and instead grow a confident, resilient mindset for success in achieving all they desire in life and business!

It's for those who just can't seem to find the time, nor the energy to prioritise practicing self-care to take care of their own personal needs without feeling guilty, to ensure they're constantly pouring from an overflowing cup.

It's for those who want to achieve greater flexibility and freedom whilst building a highly successful business but are struggling to make it happen by themselves!.

It's for those who know there is something holding them back from achieving the life and business they desire and deserve but are unsure of what the obstacles are or how to go about resolving them. 

Ultimately, it's for those who are ready to stop blaming other people, lack of time or money, circumstances, external factors like the economy... Instead they're prepared to look inward where the real solutions to their core challenges lie, and wholeheartedly embrace doing the inner work to overcome them. The transformative work it takes to change all of this and together with the help and support of like-minded members grow a confident, resilient mindset with the belief they can be, do or have anything they desire!

It doesn't matter where you are in your journey as a mum, how many children you have, whether you're a full time mum, working mum or mumpreneur - be it wannabe, start-up or experienced successful business owner.

Because here's the thing... unless you have all the confidence you could ever need, a crystal clear vision for you, your family, your life and your business for the next 20 years, you already have your perfect life balance and have a growth mindset that enables you the courage and ability to succeed in everything you do, you have a perfect life and business with no areas for improvement or development...

Then C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club is for you because as humans our lives and businesses are constantly evolving, life is constantly changing and as such we need to constantly change and adapt too and that in itself poses challenges we need to learn how to overcome!

Enrolment is open for just 9 days until midnight Sun 7th April 2019 (UK time)

We will honour our guarantee!

Our guarantee is that we offer a full 30 day no-quibble money back guarantee period from enrolment as we are confident you will find huge value and benefit in what C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club offers!

This enables you to experience a full 30 days membership for yourself with the peace of mind of a full refund if you decide it's not for you!

Yes you can, but we hope you won't have any reason to!

You have total control of your membership which is easy to cancel from within your Members dashboard.

NB Please bare in mind if you are a founding member with a life time rate of £19/mth or £190/year and you cancel you lose your lifetime founding rate. Should you decide to re-join it will be at the current member rate.

No problem, we understand mums and mumpreneurs lead very busy lives and we understand there may be times when you have other more pressing commitments.

Dates and times of calls are all shared in advance in our Facebook Community Group. 

All calls are recorded for those unable to make it live to make all calls accessible to all members.

Absolutely you will!

What we’ve packaged together is highly relevant and beneficial to all mums, whether in business or not, working or not - based upon Tracey's research from working with thousands of mums and mumpreneurs over the last 10 years!

We all have our challenges often on a daily basis, our 'blind spots' that are holding us back from achieving what we really want in life! 

To be finally free of these inner obstacles means we need to seek help and support to raise our awareness to what we are unable to see for ourselves!

Most programs and memberships out there focus on the 'External' purely providing the WHAT hence you remain stuck!

C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club is a two-phase online platform combining everything you need, both the WHAT and the HOW, to solve inner and external challenges you face - receiving all the support and solutions you need throughout your membership journey with C.A.L.M. MUMS Club.

We totally get how busy you are, remember we're busy mums and mumpreneurs too.

A whole bunch of thought has gone in to creating C.A.L.M. MUMS Club in a way that helps and supports busy mums.

The delivery of Masterclasses are paced to prevent overwhelming you, yet keeping you engaged and making good progress along your journey.

There is no timescale for completion, you do it at your own convenience and at your own pace with easy access as long as you are a member!

Enrolment to C.A.L.M. MUMS Members' Club opens periodically just 2-3 times a year for just 9 days each time.

This ensures you are warmly welcomed on joining along with your fellow mums and are fully supported by us throughout the duration of your membership!

No, however from enrolment opening you have just 9 days before our doors close. We only open enrolment 2-3 times each year so that we can welcome new members together and fully support their journey. It will be a while before we re-open.

We understand we all lead busy lives and as such there is never a perfect time to start anything, the key is in making the decision to take the first step to starting and taking it one step at a time!

It's making the decision to start and taking action by joining us  inside that makes the difference!

A Final Word From Tracey!

Do your something different NOW, take YOUR first step towards your easier, happier life!

When you join us now, I’ll be waiting on the inside to welcome you aboard, provide all you need in bite sized steps, help and support you and inspire you every step of the way along your path to achieving all you desire, deserve and much more.

To your confident, resilient mindset for success! 

See you on the inside!


Tracey's Mission...

 Tracey is on a mission to empower a million mums and mumpreneurs just like you to grow a resilient and supportive mindset for success. Creating greater confidence, balance and clarity in the process to activate your infinite capabilities within! Enabling you to enjoy an easier happier life alongside running a highly successful business. And equally important, enjoying time out for an essential self-care routine that fulfils your needs and delight in quality time spent with your children, being the mum you really want to be!

Ultimately, you’ll get to connect with Tracey inside the Members’ Club where she’s ready and waiting to help you with your personal growth along with how to step up in your life and business, in a way that works for you and your family!

Who is Tracey Wall, what makes her the expert for me?


Tracey Wall is a leading professional Confidence and Mindset Coach. She is an author, transformational speaker, founder of Empowering Mums & Mumpreneurs and the creator of CA.L.M. MUMS Members’ Club.

Following the birth of her daughter, Tracey left a highly successful 24-year corporate career leading multi-million-pound businesses, to seek greater flexibility and wellbeing. The subsequent journey revealed her passion and purpose to support mums in overcoming similar challenges, to create their desired business and lifestyle, along with being the mum they really want to be.

As THE original Confidence Coach for mums and mumpreneurs, Tracey has received multiple awards, is frequently called upon to feature in numerous publications, as in-house coach for an online magazine, twice appeared alongside Myleene Klass on her online video and TV series for parents as a Confidence and Balance Expert for mums, and is now a highly sought-after Confidence and Mindset Expert for mums and mumpreneurs!

It is in this capacity during 2017, Tracey was invited to become an Mpower Team Expert, Mpower being a leading organisation supporting mums in the early stages of starting and growing their business. A role she still embraces and relishes to this day and one she is so proud of contributing to the achievements of. Tracey is also a Co-Organiser and Judge of the prestigious and highly successful Mpower National Business Awards!

Tracey specialises in helping mums and mumpreneurs move from overwhelm, fear and self-doubt to confidence, balance and clarity plus a resilient mindset for success! She has developed a range of highly-acclaimed products, programmes and services providing solutions that help women achieve transformational change!


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